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Shield professor

Once upon a time, there was a school that didn’t have many students but each of them was gifted with a special trait that made them stand out. There was one specific class, Boosting LoL, taught by Professor Stanbrough - Leauge of Legends boosting master, that had four specific students that were assigned to fulfill a special purpose. Going into their first class, introductions were made between the professor and these four students.

The first was a cheery young girl who approached the blackboard and introduced herself as Sharla. She also expressed she had a keen interest in academics which also included tutoring and league elo boosting her fellow classmates. After she finished her introduction, she returned to her seat while another student stood up and took her place. His facial expression was more serious as he announced to the class his name was Robin. Like Sharla, he shared the same interest in his academic role.

After Robin, it was Kevin. He introduced himself as if he was performing a musical number the moment he stood before the blackboard. All kidding aside, he also pointed out his idea of teamwork means taking on a task with sincerity. He admitted anything less than this and that his patience would be tested to the point where it could trigger an angry response. After he finished introducing himself, he high-fived a robotic student as he returned to his seat. The robot, who introduced himself as Ory, pointed out that he and Kevin go way back as friends. Although robotic, Ory identified himself with a male personality.

As soon as the introductions were completed, Professor Stanbrough began to write on the blackboard a few words. They were “Mid Lane”, “Jungler”, “Support” and “AD Carry.” The class watched on in silence before the professor faced the class and asked, “From these four paths, which one will be yours? You will have to choose before you can join a game called League of Legends.”

The classmates looked at each other before Sharla takes it upon herself to ask, “Professor, what is this game? What are the paths supposed to mean?”

The professor smiled and explained what it was about, along with what each path does. Once done, he asks each student to choose their path. He also asks, “What will you do as you rise up in its ranked ladder? In other words, what is your desired rank?”

One by one, the students began to answer. Sharla was the first to choose, which was Mid Lane, while Ory offered to play Support. Kevin’s loyalty to Ory as a friend had him take on the role of AD Carry. Robin went with Jungler. As soon as each student was assigned their own path, Professor Stanbrough announced he would start this gaming adventure with the Top path he had already chosen for himself. Now with paths assigned, he wrote out the following list on the blackboard;

Just as the professor finished writing the list, Kevin asked, “What are those for, Professor? What exactly do you mean?”

Mr. Stanbrough explains, “These are common terms used in the League of Legends game that is often referred to as a boosting service. Because each of you shares the trait of helpful collaborators, how you play your role determines what kind elo booster League of Legends you will become.”

Before proceeding, the professor studied the students in his class to ensure they understood what he was teaching them about League of Legends elo boosting so far. He explained the primary focus behind each role before adding, “There are specific rules for each role that will be given in upcoming classes. In the meantime, please take the time to study what I’ve taught you so far. Be wary that in the next few weeks, we’ll be moving on to a new game. That game uses the same champions as LoL, so it’ll be easy for you to understand once we get there. In the meantime, let’s go over a small preview of what you’ll be learning after League of Legends boost service lessons.”

The professor adds a list to what he already wrote on the chalkboard;

As soon as the professor finished his list, Sharla pipes up and asks, “What exactly are we supposed to learn here? It sounds like a fun game I’d love for sure but why are we assigned to play as boosters instead of the average player?”

Mr. Stanbourgh answers, “Because you four have a helpful nature with special talent that puts you in a class above the average player. This puts you in a unique position to approach this game from a different perspective and provide great league boosting.”

Realizing the time for the day’s class was up, the professor adds, “Tomorrow we’ll embark on a tour of the school before we get ourselves ready to start playing League of Legends. We will also look into developing our own LoL account boosting service league known as League Elo Boost.”

The next day

When the new day began and it was time to get to class, the four students were already in their seats, waiting for Professor Stanbourgh to arrive. On the chalkboard, they observed he wrote Elo Boosters League of Legends. As soon as the professor arrived, he announced his agenda, “Today, we’re going to have a guided tour of our school. I’ll show you where you can find everything you need while you’re here. I will also explain a bit about Eloboost League and LoL boosts as we go. So, please, come and follow me.”

The students accompanied the professor down the school’s halls which seemed confusing at first as there were so many. The first hall they approached was loaded with a board full of colorful papers of different shapes and lettering sporting “League of Legends Accounts - The EB24 Marketplace!”

Mr. Sanbourgh explains, “Here is the board of the requests we receive for normal or elo boosted League of Legend accounts. This board displays all the people who want to either buy or sell an LoL account, or use a boost for League of Legends. For example, if you want a specific league boosted LoL account, you grab a piece of paper and write what you need before pasting it on the board. Be thorough so you can get the help you need. For you, Robin, you said you can get anything done Well, here is your chance. If there is an LoL Eloboost request, you can offer an account boosting League of Legends with the focus on a player’s LoL rank boost. You do this as a representative of Eloboost LoL.”

Adding, “You can get rewards for each League of Legends account boost request you take, which can be anything. As a pay-it-forward program, you also need to provide a reward to the person who helped you. This ensures the need for a league boost with league boosters continues at optimal levels.”

Enthusiastically, Robin blurts out as he checks out the papers, “I’ll start checking all the League of Legends elo boost requests to see what I can do!”

Upon going to the next hall, the students observed a computer sitting on a structure that allowed each one to view their grades and point scores. As they look, the professor explains, “Here, you can verify everything about yourself. Among those who lead by example as star students, you’ll earn great grades and recognition badges. These badges accumulate points and level up each time you reach a new plateau. This can only be achieved as you show yourself to be an exemplary student and great booster LoL.”

With confidence, Kevin proclaims, “I will be one of the best League of Legends boosting agents on that list!”

His statement was met with Robin’s challenge, “Let’s see who will dominate the Rank Boost League of Legends League! When it comes to Elo boosts, I am in my element!”

Going into the third hall, the students following the professor observed a large board titled Boosting Service League of Legends. It was filled with a list of names on it, each ranked in order according to the amount of fulfilled boosting LoL accounts as a League of Legends boosting service. He informs them their names are already likely to be on it, despite the fact they’re so new to the school. When Ory asked why so soon, it was explained the board is frequently updated to ensure optimal accuracy in terms of the best best account boosting LoL. The information includes each student’s name, as well as the roles they have, and where they belong so the academy can easily choose best student for specifical boost account League of Legends.

The fourth hall featured multiple boards on the walls, along with photographs of different sizes. It was explained it was the school’s Elo Boosting League of Legends Gallery. Professor Stanbourgh also explained all the projects each student completes are featured here. He could see it in his students’ eyes they were already imagining their own names, pics, and projects joining this impressive collection. They observed there was recognition for the following categories;

  • # of existing League of Legends boosts according to the Elo Boost League
  • # of League of Legends league boosts after an LoL account boost service has been completed
  • # of Boosting League of Legends Accounts

Upon going to the fifth hall, Kevin was becoming anxious as he wanted to jump on the school’s projects like ranked boost LoL or TFT boost elo as quickly as possible. “When will this tour be over?” he asked.

Amused by Kevin’s ambition, the professor answers, “It’s just the Hall Library left to go, then one more after that.”

Going into the hall acting as a library, the students observed a big board cluttered with notes. It was pointed out to them it was set up as quick notes with subject headers, making it easy for people who don’t really like to read to narrow down what they want to access. It was concluded while Kevin’s personality fit the pattern of someone who doesn’t like to read much, his best friend, Ory, was the opposite. After a brief joke exchange that had Ory taunt Kevin, the students almost ready to perform LoL boosting service and their professor moved on to the final hall of the school tour. While there, it was explained as an honor hall. Based on reviews and opinions, students earning a spot and performing the best LoL elo boost and Duo League of Legend boost would find their names here. It was also a hall of the names of whom they helped to boost League of Legends account. The board included these two categories;

  • League of Legends Account Boosting Leaders
  • Elo Boosting LoL Hall of Fame

After the tour was over, Professor Stanbourgh and his students parted company for the day. After he bid them farewell, the students first left the school as a group before each went their own way. They were anxious to make the most out of the path they chose for themselves and learn how to carry out great LoL ranked boost. They understood the school was about molding the best students into the best players who shared a desired goal to rank up as the best Elo booster and execute rank boost lol rank boost LoL. Games like League of Legends and TFT were the platforms to serve as the right place for experienced players to shine as professional players. The goal was to encourage each student to become an amazing booster. This enabled them to perform as better teammates with a win rate that would help a player rise from the lower ranks during this boosting process.

For Sharla, her niche as a student was providing elo boost League of Legends services that also allowed her to offer a coaching service while playing League of Legends and TFT. With Robin, he made good on his promise to get anything done for anyone. His boost services included making sure their rank boosting requests were met with the best possible results. He continues to excel as a service provider who always keeps a buyer’s account safe so that they don’t come face to face with any Riot Games violations and receive remarkable boosting service LoL.

Kevin’s fast-forward competitive nature made him one of the hotdogs of the boosting industry. For him, LoL boosting wasn’t enough. He also moved on to offer a Valorant boost service as well. Overall, his boosting experience keeps him on top as one of the best LoL boost specialists. Not to be outdone, Ory’s Elo boosting experience has made this robot popular as a League booster who can help anyone with whatever they need. He remains a favorite among people looking to buy LoL boosting services, especially if there’s a desire to rank high in a desired division. Ory became exceptional specialist providing outstanding elo boost LoL services.

"Qualified Boosters & Coaches, efficiency that matters" enhances the commitment to excellence. As for Professor Sanbourgh, he continues to coach students to ensure the Elboost24 School of LoL Elo Boosting remains at the top as a League account boosting service. As an LoL booster, he is a master. He knows best ways to LoL boost account. Few offer the same League of Legends booster level of services as he does. He is one of the most respected LoL boosters in the industry. He makes sure only you have access to your own account as he goes out of his way to make sure your account remains safe. Knowing a thing or two about how League of Legends boosting services work, he’s ensured his services have competitive prices to make things easier for customers requiring an LoL boost service to receive the best possible product and service for their money.