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You're paying us for improving your performance in League through coaching or your division (MMR). If it's solo queue boosting you'll have to send us your account information. We're unable to complete the service if you don't wish to share the account information.
Eloboost24.eu is a well known company. We've been on the market for 4 years and so far we've boosted around 19000 accounts. Every booster in our team has completed our severe recruitment tests and wouldn't dare to steal your account. On top of it all, Riot's policy is very simple when it comes to account selling or hacking. They will give you back your account once you've given them the required information. So there's no point for boosters to even consider it.
Eloboost24.eu is an official partner of Paypal. All payments are secured by their service. If you're scared of losing your money, you have the refund system. If we do not provide our services, simply click on "Refund" at Paypal. However, we guarantee that this won't happen.
We have a strict policy with our boosters that they won't touch any of your IP or RP. The only way for them to be allowed to use it is if the customer gives them permission for it.
Yes, with our new website you can now customize your boost. You can add additional options such as:

- Location of summoner spells (Flash on D or F for example)

- Specific lane

- Specific champions
Yes, you can watch your booster. There is special information on this topic in your Personal Area or Demo which will explain how to spectate your booster.
Yes, you can pause your boost at any given time in your personal area. Please do remember to unpause the boost when you'd like the boost to be continued.
Yes, you can. Go to your Personal Area and you'll see the progress of your boost there.
Of course, you can contact your booster by using your Personal Area. After we the booster is assigned to your order, you'll have a special chat where you can talk with him/her at any time.
In such case, we'll convert your boost from division boosting into win boosting. We will, of course, notify you when this happens.
No, we don't offer any refunds. However, we'll always finish your order. If there's ever the case of us not being able to finish an order, there'll be a refund on the missing part of the boost.
Yes, but only if you've bought duo queue boosting. We will connect you with your personal booster. On your Personal Area you'll be able to speak with your booster and arrange the times for you to play.
The average amount are boosters do daily is between 1-2 divisions per day.
You can play anything apart from ranked. Playing ranked games while the boost is active goes against our Terms of Service. It makes our job a lot harder.
Yes you can, there's a special tab for that at the top of the website! HERE
Yes, we are officially connceted with PayPal. PayPal is the biggest electronic payment provider in the world. Using PayPal, you can pay through either your credit card or your bank.
Yes, we've created a special page that'll help you with completing a Bank Transfer!
There can be several reasons for this. If this happens please contact our Live Support!
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