EB24Marketplace - How can you sell accounts on our website?

Eloboost24 is a website that is still is being developed and extended to add more features and create more services to our regular customers, the ones that always come back to us and cheer our day and to the new customers, those who just discovered us a while ago and are still trying to discover all the potential we have to offer.

With the increased search for more services and more features, we've decided to add more features to our website. I am glad to announce you that from now on, everyone can buy and/or sell accounts through our website! That's right! You can now buy an account from us or even sell it on our website!

  • How can you sell your account on our website?

The steps to selling your account here on our website aren't complicated, let me explain it to you:

        1. You should log in your account at our website or in case you don't have an account you need to register here.

        2. You should go into your dashboard and click on the “Marketplace” tab.

        3. Once you are there, you should scroll down and fill all the information that is required about the account you are selling. [1]

Keep in mind, you should add good images, with good quality so the buyer can actually see well the type of account you are selling and the items that it contains. In case you don't provide us images or the ones you provided are have a bad quality, Eloboost24 reserves the right to reject your account submission.

Image [1]: Example of a selling account formulate filled

            4. Make sure you add pictures of the account you are selling, so the buyer can see what your account contains!

              5. Before submitting your account, you will be asked to fill your withdraw information. It's obligatory that you fill it otherwise the account won't be submitted.[2]

        Image [2]: Example of withdrawal information formulate filled

                6. After everything is filled and submitted you will receive a notification on the top of the website [3] and an e-mail that will update you that your account is waiting to be reviewed by the EB24 Staff and within 24 hours you will receive the information if your account was approved or rejected. [4]

          Image [3]: Example of notification on the website after the submission


          Image [4]: Example of the e-mail you will be notified after the submission

                  7. The notification regarding the approval or rejection will be sent via e-mail. [5]

            Image [5]: Example of the e-mail if your account was approved

            Don't forget that if at any time you need help on any step, feel free to contact us on our Live Chat or Discord Server!

            Our most frequent question related to the marketplace in terms of selling accounts is mostly to know how much we will cut from the price that you implemented. And the answer is... Zero! We simply add a small cut to your price (10% or 20%) and once the account is sold, you get the full price that you implemented and we get the additional cut we added to the price.

            • How does it work after your account is sold?

              The answer is simple. If you go to again to the marketplace tab on your dashboard, you will see near your username, the amount of money you are waiting to be paid and the amount of money that is frozen! [6]

              Image [6]: Where you can verify your balances.

              • What did your money get frozen?

              This is included on our policy that your money will be frozen for 7 days after the account is sold in case we need to contact you due to any irregularity with your account or transaction. The money will appear on your dashboard as available after that time is completed. Remember that once you sold the account, you will have a chat with the buyer and you should help him if he needs you! [7]

              Image [7]: Explanation of frozen money description.

              Another thing you need to be aware of is the payment days! After your account is sold and the money is transferred to the sold account balance on your dashboard, you will only get the payment when it is payment day, with this I mean that twice per month is the payment day for accounts sold, so you need to wait until those days. [8]

              Image [8]: Explanation of the sold account balance.

                  In conclusion, we tried to make it simple for you to sell your account and get your money for the accounts you sold with no problems nor complications! We hope you sell a lot of accounts with us and have fun selling them! Stay tuned for more blog posts if you want to know the upcoming features that will come in the future!