EB24Picks - What are the best champions to Elo boost? - Part 1

   Eloboost24 has a lot of boosters and a lot of champions that are picked by each booster as the best champion for them to boost and do their job as fast as possible and with the best performance. Today we will talk about one champion that many boosters play to get the orders done and that they approve it is a very efficient champion to elo boost.

    It's a champion with wings and that jumps a lot. It's a champion that is only used to play Jungle and that can one shot the AD Carry or any squishy that is on the enemy team. Can you guess which one is it? That's right... Kha'Zix! On this blog post, we will focus on Kha'Zix and why he is one of the best champions to elo boost!

    The abilities of Kha'Zix are pretty simple to understand and to use, you don't need that much effort to hit his skills and to play around so it makes him an easy champion to learn at least the basics. You should start the game with your Q. Below there's a graphic of the order of which abilities you should start and the order to max them during the game. [1]

Illustration 1: Ability order

    Kha'Zix is like Kai'Sa and can evolve his abilities to get more damage and additional status, below there will be the order of which skills you should evolve first in case the enemy team is squishy and allows you to kill someone and then jump to get another kill. [2] And the other graphic will be representing the order in case you can't really do much and are not fed and need waveclear. [3]

Illustration 2: Evolve order when the enemy team is squishy

Illustration 3: Evolve order when you're not that fed and need waveclear

    The route on the jungle might depend on the preference but here are 3 examples that you can use and it is approved by our Kha'Zix main boosters.

First route:

- Red Buff > Krugs -> Raptors > In case Scuddle from the side you started on the map is taken you should head for the Scuddle that is on the order side of the river

Second route:

- Blue Buff> Gromp > Scuddle > Mid gank ( you need to make sure you take 2 minions from mid lane to get the necessary XP) > 2nd Scuddle

Thrid route:

Red Buff> Krugs > Scuddle > Enemy's blue then Gromp then Wolves (this is called the standard vertical jungling) > recall to buy > Krugs > Raptors > Wolves > Gromp

    All these routes are the general route since it depends from which side on the map you are, Red side or Blue side but always head for the right buff and follow one of the routes above that you prefer the most.

    Now that the skill evolution and the route on the jungle are learned, let's head to an important factor too – The items. The build always depends on the matchup that you are against. Here are 2 builds you can do on Kha'Zix on specific situations:

Against a squishy team:

Stalker's Blade with the enchantment Warrior > Boots of Mobility > Duskblade of Draktharr > Youmuu's Ghostblade > Lord Dominik's Regards > Death's Dance

Against a tanky team:

Skirmisher's Sabre or Stalker's Blade (both viable on this situation) with the enchantment Warrior > The Black Cleaver > Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabis (depending if they have more AP or AD) >Sterak's Gage or Guardian Angel depending on your necessities against their team > Lord Dominik's Regards > Death's Dance

    Khazix is pretty weak before reaching level 6 so you should try to get it before forcing that many fights, try to go for ganks that you know that it will be a solid 2v1 and/or have vision of the enemy's jungle in the map otherwise avoid ganking since Kha'Zix isn't the best champion for fights 2v2. Kha'Zix is very strong if played in a proper way like having Pink Wards with you and/or Sweeper (red trinket) so you can safely invade the enemy's jungle and look to kill the Jungler or steal him some camps. You should always seek to get objectives specially herald or dragons unless you have a good team comp that allows you to dive the opponents.

Now let's head to some quick tips and tricks that you can do on Kha'Zix:

  • Use your R to reposition when you are getting cc'd

  • Best 1v1 combo is auto attack > Q > W> R > wait for the CDs > auto attack > Q > R again if needed

  • In team fights you should look for the highest priority target, the champion who is fed the most or will have more impact in the fight, but always wait until the enemy you want to kill gets lower so you get a free reset and jump back after killing the enemy than to just jump in and dying

  • You should ALWAYS start with Hunter's Talisman and a Refillable Potion

  • When building Duskblade and Ghostblade you should buy Serrated Dirk 1st

  • Using Duskblade of Draktharr properly for an easy kill: your ultimate allows you to get the duskblade's passive every time you press your R key, but only if you wait long enough on stealth (at least 1 second), otherwise you won't get the duskblade's passive damage on the 2nd and 3rd time you use your ultimate which can be crucial in hard 1v1 scenarios.

    And this is it! Today we learned that Kha'Zix can be a great pick to elo boost since he is a very easy champion with a pretty simple kit but he can scale pretty well if played properly and with a good bunch of kills on his pocket. Even being weak before level 6, Kha'Zix can still get fed if he gets a skill here and there or if he can just farm until there fast by taking the enemy's jungle as well. But stay tuned because this is only Part 1, stay tuned for the next picks! And don't forget that in case you want a Kha'Zix main to do your boost, you can always buy your order and specify it to be done with Kha'Zix only, to do that go here