EB24Picks - The Best Unusual Duo Bot lane combinations - Part 5

    The picks will continue its saga until the end! EB24Picks is back and we know you loved it so here's another one for the collection! This week we won't be doing the same as the other EB24Picks parts.

    This week we will talk about some unusual bot lane combinations that work pretty well. We will explain why it is good and why do they synergize so well. Also we'll have a small surprise and talk about the new champion, Yuumi and her main characteristics and let you know who are the best and worst AD Carries who can join the bot lane with Yuumi, so stay tuned!

    So let's get started, as we all know, on the past seasons there were a few changes on the bot lane and the AD Carries were weak for a while. Even though they are better now, there's still a lot of new combinations that are being played on the bot lane that actually work pretty well such as:

  • Sona + Taric

This combination was even played on professional competitions like MSI and had both good and bad results, but for soloQ this combination has a really good win rate.

This strategy is very strong because of all the sustain that both champions have and the tremendous CC chain they have together and even without an AD Carry, they can scale so well and have so much peel during team fights that the enemy won't have a chance. Sona builds AP items such as Lich Bane and Seraphs Embrace, she deals so much damage and stays unkillable with Taric protecting her with his Ultimate and shields/heals.

  • Lux + Xerath

This combination is great for your opponents to be under turret because Xerath and Lux have a really good range on their abilities with a lot of poke pressure. Of course, they synergize even better because of their slows and stuns. If one of them hits their CC, the other can just follow up and keep the CC chain, get a kill or more out of a fight. During the mid game, you can't push against them because they have a lot of wave clear and won't give you a chance to even group as a team and push a turret.

  • Mordekaiser + Engage Support

Mordekaiser is extremely good with engage champions such as Blitz, Thresh or Nautilus. The best of this combo is the burst damage they have together. What you need to do is wait until you have level 3 and all-in the enemy with your enormous damage! The fact that he can use his ultimate on drakes helps a lot because it's like extra heralds that he can have and it helps pushing a lot of turrets and have a lot of pressure on the map. This strategy is awesome for early game plays and to end the game fast!

    All these great combinations have such a great synergy because of sustain or poke or even because of the pressure they have on the early game! All these combinations are very good and have great win rates since they are so broken, try for yourself and you'll see!

    Now it's time for our surprise so let's talk about Yuumi, the Magical Cat! As you have probably seen in-game, she is a really supportive champion that can be very helpful since she can heal, stun with her ultimate and slow the enemy! But Yuumi can't be played with any AD Carry since she is a very specific champion and has a specific kit that is only good for champions that can stand on their own, since she can just use her W on the AD Carry and she doesn't auto, she can only use her Q which does damage but not as much as having one Lux or Sona support. The best champions to join bot lane with Yuumi are champions like Tristana or Ezreal that can sustain themselves with jumps and have a way to farm from a far distance. Yuumi isn't good with champions like Ashe or Varus or even Kalista because they have a lot of CC but they don't actually have much damage to be able to take care of the lane when Yuumi is just attached to them. Yuumi is a champion that compliments the AD Carry so that's why she is best with AD's that are already good by themselves.

    And this is it for this week's EB24Picks! We hope you liked it, we love you all and we want to appreciate all the support and love from you towards our work! And don't forget: in case you want to learn more about any of these combinations or more about Yuumi, you can always purchase a coaching session and you will get all the tips and tricks of any of these combinations! If you prefer to simply get to play with a booster and try one of these strategies you can also buy a duo boosting service and we will pair you with the best boosters that do these strategies!