EB24 about League of Legends #13 Itemization, Patch 10.2 - from the Booster perspective

If you've learned everything about our Meta blog post, you'll want to learn about the best items for the best champions that we presented you! Here's the list so you make sure you don't miss anything

  • Top

The main builds haven’t changed at all but I would like to cover the build for Sett and Skarner as they're 2 new faces on our tier list. Starting off with Skarner the following runes and build example is as presented. The good thing about Skarner is his flexibility that he can build pretty much any item as long as it will work out for him for example, he can build Liandry to have a possibility of fighting with tank late game, he can build any tank item from sheen he can go both trinity and Iceborn there are a lot of choices he can also go things like Zeke which is really strong on him providing the hard slow as the enemy exit your R and E in team fight. The skill order is - max E first then W then Q giving a point into R whenever you can.

The Sett runes in this combine with Doran's shield as the first item give him a huge hp regen whenever he takes damage that allow him to win pretty much any trade with melee champion. The skill order is W into Q into E maxing R whenever you can. For the next patch, it will probably be Q max as W will receive pretty huge nerf but we will see. The build is an example and you can choose between tank items you will need.

  • Jungler

Here's the best builds for the champions presented on our Tier list:

1. Sett:

Cinderhulk > Triforce > Streaks Gage > Boots depends on the enemy (armor or MR) > Guardian Angel

2. Graves:

For Graves, I have 3 builds:

First build:

Warrior > Black Cleaver > Phantom Dancer > Infinity Edge > Deaths Dance > Boots depends

Second build:

Warrior > Drakthar > Youmuu's > Edge of Night > Mortal Reminder > Boots depends

Third build:

Warrior > Stormrazor > Cloak of Agility > Cloak of Agility > Cloak of Agility > Rapid Fire cannon > Infinity Edge > Phantom dancer

This build is for %100 crit and is built for almost every crit champion.

3. Nidalee:

Runic Echo > Sorcerer's boots or Oblivion Orb > Lich bane > Rabadon or Zhonya > Rabadon or Void staff

If they have +2 assassins (like Zed or Kha), you can go oblivion orb and Zhonyas. If +3 enemy has +120 MR go for void staff, not Rabadon.

4. Ekko:

Runic echos > Protobelt > Zhonyas > Lich bane=Rabadon > If they have +2 Hard cc champs buy mercs

5. Lee Sin:

Warrior > Black Cleaver > Sterak's Gage > Guardian Angel > A tank item depends on enemy > Boots depends too

6. Nocturne:

Warrior > Sanguine Blade > Black Cleaver > Guardian Angel > Edge of Night > Boots depends

7. Rek'Sai:

Warrior > Black Cleaver > Sterak's Gage > Guardian Angel > Depends on the game, you can either go offensive item or defensive > Boots depends too

8. Kha'Zix:

Warrior > Drakthar > Black Cleaver > Edge of Night > Guardian Angel > boots depend

9. Ornn:

Cinderhulk > Abyssal Mask > Ice Born Gauntlet

10. Vi:

Warrior > Trinity Force > GA or streaks gage if they have too much burst > Armor or Mr item depends on the enemy team

11. Sylas:

Runic echoes > Sorcerer's boots > Hextech Protobelt > Zhonyas (very important) > Lich Bane > Rabadons Deathcap

  • Mid

Items for the champions that are on the meta at the moment for the mid lane are quite similar:

If the champion is AP:

- Archangel's Staff& Rod of Ages (Best on: Cassio/Ryze/Kassadin)

- Morellonomicon

- Zhonya's Hourglass (Best vs AD and burst champions and on Fizz)

- Hextech Gunblade (Best on: Katarina/Akali)

- Rylai's Crystal Scepter (Best on: Cassio)

- Hextech Protobelt-01 (Best on: Ekko/Sylas/Fizz)

- Luden's Echo (Best on: Sylas/Syndra)

If the champion is AD:

Lethality items are very optional so follow this pattern:

If you are ahead, you should go for:

-Youmuu's Ghostblade & Duskblade of Draktharr and finish with GA or Last Whisper

If you're losing or even in the lane, you should go for:

Duskblade of Draktharr & Edge of Night/ Sanguine Blade

Situational items:

If you have mountain drakes, the Banshee's Veil is strong with it and gives you a lot of MR (especially vs AP mid & top/jungle). In case you're vs tanks, you should go for Liandry's Torment.

  • ADC

The items for ADC haven't vary much from the last patch but here's the build path for each one.

For Aphelios: Essence Reaver, Infinity/Runaans (depends on how ahead you are), BT/MAW/PD/GA (depends on what type of team comp they have), last item situational.

For Senna: Manamune, Duskblade, Yommu/Edge of the night (depends on the comp), Infinity edge, last item situational.

For Miss Fortune: 3 or 2 Dorans Blades on your first back, Essence Reaver, Infinity, Rapid Fire/PD, BT/MAW/GA, last item situational.

For Jinx: Stormrazor, Runaans, Infinity, Rapid/PD, last item situational.

For Lucian: BOTRK, Essence Reaver, Rapid/PD, Infinity, last item situational, or Essence Reaver, Infinity Edge, Rapid fire/PD, MAW/GA/BT, last item situational.

  • Support

Currently the cost-efficient items for supports are Zeke's, Knights Vow, Redemption and Solari.

Zekes for me is still the main 1st item it gives both armor and MR with CDR and active slow and magic damage buff.

Knights Vow is really good as a 2nd item or main item if the enemy team has a full ad focus team comp, if you combo this with a Taric pick you mostly guarantee to win whit the armor bonus and damage share.

Redemption is really good as a 2nd or 3rd item if you need to sustain for long fights or prevent your teammates from getting 1 shot

Solari is really good as a 3-4 item or 1st item if the enemy team comp is full magic damage the MR and active shield is really good vs assassins.

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