EB24 about League of Legends #24 Current meta, Patch 10.6 - from the Booster perspective

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With the new patch, there are new champions in the S tier. So far, the nerfs for the current S tier champions are not good enough to weaker them. In S tier we welcome reworked Wukong, Tryndamere, and Trundle. Trundle might be a surprise for many people but we will get in second in detail why I’ve chosen him from B tier to S tier. Wukong at the current state is insanely strong, he is super hard to outtrade, his w is perfectly synced with his animations giving you almost no space for counterplay, and he has a 3-second knock-up which cannot be countered with tenacity. Tryndamere is an Elo machine super high DPS, unkillable, almost no hard matchups, great at split pushing and he can scale easily no matter how hard behind u put him. Trundle is my personal favorite pick of the patch, he received buffs beforehand and now he is an absolute monster. Capability to 1v1 any champion, with his ultimate he can turn any losing matchup and he is shredding the turrets if few hits. All other S tier picks build and runes are in patch 10.5 posts so check them out to find out more about them. This time we going to focus on these 3 newcomers.


Top Tier List


S-tier: Kled, Mordekaiser, Darius, Ornn, Garen, Wukong, Tryndamere, Trundle

A-tier: Kayle, Shyvanna, Poppy, Illaoi, Camille, Dr.Mundo, Cassiopeia, Jax, Malphite



10.6 mainly focuses on melee carry top lane champions and wukong. But kindred buff is huge in my opinion. Buff to her W is making her early game more and more. After one more buff, she will be on meta because other champions still outduel her. And another change in the jungle is deaths dance but sadly the item is too expensive and I think it's only available on graves.



Patch 10.6 brought us some changes for mid lane champions. Riot Games is buffing control mages what is not a dream for assassin players but a big deal for those ones who like to play slow farm up and play team fights in 40 min. So, let’s see what’s changed. Anivia received a 1-sec frozen duration buff which, to be honest, doesn’t change anything. She is a nice late game champ but early game is vulnerable for ganks and she is immobile which makes her easy target for assassins.

They nerfed Ryze that much that they needed to buff him again so he received some mana regen and dmg for E. This makes him a more solid pick. And here it goes the twisted fate. From my point of view, he received a huge buff. The ap ratio on the blue card goes from 0.5 to 0.9 which is a big deal for him cause it’s the most likely card to use at early stages of the game when you just spam q and refresh mana and I think this change would make a blue card in the late game more usable and even kind of 1 shot potential. Veigar received some ad and q dmg which basically let the Veigar players farm easier and stack q more efficient, kind of cool adjust. Xerath received some dmg buff on ultimate and big dmg buff on his w when the target is in the middle of an area of damage. I would say this would make him a very good pick.

The biggest expectation for me is how will Wukong suits mid lane meta. He received HUGE rework and buffs. He is an AD assassin with the potential of wave clear with hydra E + Q. He has a lot of cc now and burst. I’m sure he is a good pick vs all control mages and some assassins like fizz cause of his ability to dodge the main burst with his clone. Overall, I like the way riot is trying to buff poke and control mid laners (Ziggs lately) we will see what will happen next patch.

Mid-Tier List

S-tier: Katarina, Diana, Qiyana, Kassadin, Ekko, Talon, Cassiopeia, Fizz, Zed

A-Tier: Yasuo, Vladimir, Sylas, Ryze, Aurelion, LeBlanc, Malzahar, Twisted Fate, Syndra


As we can see the tier list we can highlight:

Zed: I would say he is more and more often visiting mid lane. He has a huge ability to snowball and well played he can outplay almost all burst champions.

Twisted Fate: I think buffs in this patch can make him s tier champ. He has probably best roams with his ultimate and the catch potential is terrifying. He has wave clear and ofc we build him often in a defensive way (Zonhyas/Rod of Ages) so he can manage to survive early stages of the game and lead the late game

Diana: She manages to dominate mid lane since her rework. She is just a great pick with high chances to assassinate and kill almost everyone. And Diana players have to admit that when you see the enemy in a group you know the team fight is won. For those who survive Diana’s ultimate there is still 4 man behind her.


AD Carry

In the current patch 10.6 the bot lane meta hasn’t changed as much Aphelios has received another set of nerfs so we will probably see him less and less because of his weakness being no mobility and needing a lot of peel which is hard to get is soloq MF is still the reigning champion of the adc role and it has been like this for quite a while now she hasn’t received any nerfs whatsoever and continues to be the number 1 adc in the meta.


Fortunately, we have another adc rising up the ranks which is Ezreal he has seen an increase in popularity and with the multiple buffs after klepto got nerfed he is quite a good champion for soloq even though he has a bit of a weak laning phase of course but this is avoidable with good use of teleport.


And of course one of the most overpowered/broken bot lanes remain Senna and Tahm Kench which is super obnoxious to play against because Senna doesn’t need to farm and keeps poking with range and Tahm is almost unkillable because of his tankiness Senna also gets a lot of souls from not farming so it’s basically not worth to take cs with her knowing the fact that you have the option to have 120 souls at 20 mins instead of 40 when farming or even less.


Kalista is also a champion that has popped up quite a bit in soloq with the recent few buffs she got she is probably stronger in a solo lane like top lane but it is still okay to play her bot especially with a duo with good synergy she can stomp most lanes but she has trouble against MF.


Kai’Sa is also one that has increased in popularity with the buff in 10.5 so ap Kai’Sa is also good to play because her w is up very often if she hits it, Draven also got a buff in this patch but I don’t think it’s impactful enough to see him actually be meta because he’s a very hard champion to pilot of course the Draven OTP’s are happy about it but not much to be excited for there’s also lethality Varus which has been seeing some play because of the buffs a few patches ago.

ADC Tier List

S+ tier: MF, Fasting Senna (aka Senna + an Engage Support like Tahm and Nautilus)
S-tier: Ezreal, Aphelios
A-tier: Kalista, Varus, Yasuo, Draven, Caitlyn
B-tier: Lucian, Ashe, Jinx, Xayah, Kai’Sa

The rest are situational picks u can pick in certain matchups but by themselves they’re not very good champions.



The current meta on the bot lane is reliant in mostly hard tank engages, follow up by defensive supports and lastly any enchanter support.


Support Tier List

S-tier: Leona, Nautilus, Thresh, Blitzcrank

A-tier: Taric, Tahm, Senna, Braum, Yuumi


Getting leads the early game, rotating to the river for drake, invades in the enemy jungle or to kill the enemy mid laner early levels, whoever is winning lane is most likely to rotate to contest the rift herald or change lanes to pressure any solo lanner, essentially the main reason you play tank supports at the moment is that most of the solo lanners and junglers are playing carry or bruiser, so they need a reliant tank to engage on any team comp which is why currently, tank supports are so valuable.

You can also play defensive supports that do both well vs the s tier supports and usually out scale as well.

Lastly, Yuumi Senna can be played with specific champions like Tahm or Ezreal but requires synergy and I rather use it only whit duo partners.


S tier supports currently need to dominate the lane so tank supports are the strongest at the moment follow up by tank defensive supports and last Senna Yuumi supports the only 2 enchanter supports.

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