EB24 about League of Legends #33 Current meta, Patch 10.9 - from the Booster perspective

Patch Rundown is live and we, Eloboost24, had to also publish the best guides you can find for the current meta and items! Don’t miss any great pick and check our the best meta for patch 10.9 down below!



As for Patch 10.9, there are a few shifts here and there. In general, the double S meta doesn’t change at all. I shift Gnar and Renekton up by one league, Renekton is free LP right now, his Botrk into Black Cleaver build is popping off hard right now. I also swept Malphite with Ornn in the S-tier since I’ve noticed that Malphite is generally more consistent and can easily carry the games with his tankiness frontline and hard CC from R. He is also very vertical when it comes to itemization and runes since he can go pretty much any rune depending on the matchup and build any tank/bruiser/ap item. Also, since a lot of people asked me personally why I keep champions like Fiora or Jax so low in the table. The representation of the the tier list is a showcase of best champions with low skill level compared to highest possible outcome and what I mean by that is that the double S champions are really easy to play and have no hard matchups and can carry the games more easily.

Top Tier List


10.9 has no changes for the S-tier champions. This patch focuses more on the top lane so jungle remains the same. But if Kayn gets a buff on his pre-form on the next patch, he will be on the S-tier for sure.


Jungle Tier List

S tier: Graves, Nidalee, Lee Sin, Rek’Sai

A tier: Ornn, Vi, Nocturne, Sylas, Ekko, Sejuani



There was only one change in the mid lane in patch 10.9 which means that the meta on it is still all about assassins and roams. Lissandra’s Q got buffed at early levels which makes her come back to the A-tier. Now she has the ability to poke at the early stages of the game. It is a big deal especially against melee champions which are currently dominating mid. She is a champion with a good dive potential and cc lock so it’s more like a supportive mid lane, that’s why she can’t be higher in our Tier List.


Mid Tier List



Since the last patch nothing changed for ADC, so everything that was strong on 10.8 is still strong on 10.9.

ADC Tier List

S-Tier: Miss Fortune, Caitlyn, Ezreal

A+ Tier: Lucian, Jhin

A-tier: Kai'Sa, Aphelios, Varus, Vayne, Tristana


Why is Lucian and Jhin on the A+ tier?

They are strong early ADC’s that can dominate the lane with aggressive supports like Leona, Nautilus, or Thresh.

The A-tier ADC’s are strong, but it’s harder to dominate the lane and sometimes they need to scale. Also, Aphelios got nerfed 2 patches ago, in the same patch where Ashe and Tristana got buffed.



Hard engage supports are still the most dominant in the lane, followed by defensive supports and lastly poke supports. This happens since jungle and solo lanes are playing carry champions or bruisers. This creates the need for the support to fill the spot to play as a tank champion.

Some ranged supports like Nami, Soraka, Senna, and Yuumi can be played as specific counter supports but they need specific team comps to function properly, while the S-tier supports can be picked on almost every situation. Some nerfs to Nami and Bard will push them a bit back but they are still useful counter picks against some of the A-tier supports.


Support Tier List

S -Tier: Leona Nautilus Thresh

A-tier: Nami, Taric, Alistar, Rakan, Braum, Tahm Kench, Yuumi, Senna, Soraka


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