EB24 about Community #1 - EB24Tester, try before paying! - Introducing the new feature

With the new Valorant system coming up and a lot of new things to talk about, we would like to share with our community and newcomers that we want you to test our services more than ever. We are very confident that the quality of our services is the best that they have ever been and we want to show that to you.


  • ·         "What is the EB24Tester Program?"

So, the EB24Tester Program is a simple feature that allows you to get a free test match or 1-hour of coaching. The main purpose of EB24Tester is for our first-time and loyal customers to verify our service’s quality by experiencing yourself! This way you can see how we work and how things get done with EB24.


  • ·         "How do I know if I meet the requirements?"

The requirements are very simple. You either have to be a first-time customer or, in case, you are a regular customer, you need to have spent at least 100EUR/USD on our services to be able to get this feature.

For those who want to get the free test match, we are only able to provide it if you are Diamond IV or below. Higher than that and you won’t be eligible to grab this feature.


  • ·         "I meet the requirements, what can I do?"

Simply come to the live chat and ask about it! We will ask a few information’s about you and your EB24 account so we can create the order for you!


  • ·         "Can I get both the test match and the 1h coaching at the same time?"

No, you can’t. You either choose one or the other. In case, for example, you can’t get the free test match because your rank is higher than Diamond IV, then we suggest you to grab the 1-hour coaching!


  • ·         "I also saw something about a free account, how can I get it?"

The free account event is a bit different and isn’t related to the EB24Tester program but for the curious ones or those who can’t get the advantage of the EB24Tester, you may get a free League account!

The way you get it is simple: you need to buy a League service from us with the value of that order to be 60EUR/USD or more. So, if for example, you bought a League Boosting that was 65EUR, you can grab this free account!

  • How to exactly get it?

Come to our Live Chat and provide your boost ID, proving that your order is equal or higher than 60EUR/USD. We will verify everything and ask you which server you would like the account to be from.

In a matter of minutes, you’ll get the account info given by the management.


And this is our introduction to the EB24Tester Program for those that were confused and had a few questions about the system. In case you’ve already claimed everything, you were eligible to, then why not try again and grab yourself your dream Boosting/Coaching Session. You can buy League Boosting in case you want the booster to log in on your account and want the service to be completed fast. If you want to play with the booster, you can always grab a Duo Boosting service and enjoy life along with the booster! Also, let’s not forget that we now provide Valorant Boosting so start now and grab your placement matches Boosting! Time to reach to Radiant!

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