EB24 Campus - A to Z series (Alistar) #4

  • From A-Z series is back with another educational video about League and each champion individually.
  • The star of the night of today's video is Alistar.
  • In this video, we will talk about why Alistar is one of the most stable alpha champions and in the current state of the game and remember about the old days before his new splash art. Was it better or worse back then?
  • We will also refer and analyze if Alistar was ever a competitive pick for Pros before his changes on season 3 and what did it change in the competitive scene since he got reworked.

Hello, again Summoners! A new video from our series is live and full of information. Alistar will be our focused champion for this video and we will talk about multiple topics related to him and we hope you learn a lot with us and with our new series. Stay tuned for the whole series and become a true legend!