EB24 about League of Legends #39 Current Meta, Patch 11.5 - from the Booster perspective

And here we are again! A new patch means another look into each role’s Tier List! In this blog post we will go into:

  • Tier List for each role
  • Small note(s) about the differences compared to the tier lists from the last patch
  • Recommendations on best champions for each role

Tier Lists


  • Toplane

S+ Tier: Darius, Pantheon, Cho’Gath, Malphite

S Tier: Camille, Gnar, Irelia, Viego, Gragas, Sion

A tier: Riven, Sett, Mordekaiser, Riven, Jayce, Voli, Ornn, Renekton, Aatrox

B tier: Nasus, Shen


Sion got upgraded to S tier, he’s really tanky and can easily solo frontline. Aatrox moved to A tier from B Tier. Renekton to A Tier from S tier


Recommendations: Darius, Camille, Pantheon, Gragas, or Malph.


  • Jungle

S+ Tier: Udyr, Hecarim, Kha’Zix

S Tier: Viego, Graves, Kayn, Ekko, Olaf, Karthus, Nunu Ivern

A Tier: Shyvana, Rammus, Elise, , Evelynn, Gragas

B tier: Master Yi, Nidalee, Lillia, Nocturne, Shaco


Gragas’s Q cd got flattened, so he’s been moved to A tier

Shaco added to B tier since his W’s dmg got nerfed on a single target, but dmg to minions got buffed.

Although Udyr got nerfed, we think that he’s still gonna be really oppressive jungle


Recommendations: Udyr, Hecarim, Viego.


  • Midlane

S+ Tier: Fizz, Yone, Yasuo, Galio

S tier: Viktor, Twisted Fate, Anivia

A tier: Kassadin, Annie, Le Blanc, Sylas, Orianna, Pantheon, Seraphine, Viego, Qiyana

B tier: Vladimir, Ahri, Ekko


Qiyana added to A tier after buffs.


Recommendations: Fizz, Yone, Anivia.


  • ADC

S+ Tier: Senna

S Tier: Jhin, Samira, Kaisa, AP Twitch

A Tier: Vayne, Xayah, Ezreal, Tristana, Kog’Maw

B Tier: Kalista, Miss fortune, Lucian


Kog’Maw added to A Tier after buffs.

AP Twitch still good, don't play it ad yet.


Recommendations: Senna, Jhin, Samira.


  • Support

S+ Tier: Lulu, Yuumi, Seraphine, Alistar, Leona, Nautilus, Rell

S Tier: Nautilus, Nami, Karma, Pyke, Bard

A Tier: Pyke, Janna, Blitzcrank, Senna, Maokai

B Tier: Swain, Lux, Soraka, Galio, Brand


Rell moved to the S+ tier.

Support meta didn't really change.


Recommendations: Lulu, Yuumi, Seraphine, Pyke, Rell.


And this is it! The next patch will come with more content and maybe some "shakes" into our Tier Lists. Stay tuned to find out! Follow our social media below and don’t lose any event nor content from EB24:

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