EB24 about Teamfight Tactics #20 - Set 5: Reckoning, 6 Skirmishers-Jax Carry - Prepared by EB24 Anoobiss

 The last but not least, the best comp to use that we promised to get you is 6 Skirmishers-Jax Carry and we will talk about it today so continue reading for all the info!


6 Skirmishers-Jax Carry

Tier: S

Difficulty: Low


How to play?

You want to play Skirmishers early game and random units that u upgraded with them, you can carry Udyr/Trundle/Nidalee early game with AD items, they all work well.

Besides that, you can use any randomly upgraded AD carry, and start picking u Skirmishers as the game goes. You always want to roll at level 7 (4-1) for 6 Skirmishers if you don't have it already.

If you, have it and you have been ahead you can roll at level 8 at 4-5 or 5-1 depending on your HP. The items you need on Jax are Bloodthirster-Hurricane and Shadow Quicksilver. Hurricane is the biggest priority. Hand of Justice can work as budget BT and you can do RFC as well over QSS, but certain matchups are really hard to beat without QSS.

There are a few variations of the comp, you always want 6 Skirmishers but then you have a few options depending on the lobby.

4 Dragonslayer is strong in general, 3 Ironclad is good vs AD comps if the whole lobby is AP you can try to fit in as many Mystics as you can. The highest cap of the comp is upgraded Viego and any extra items should go on him.

And here is a great guide about our second-best comp for patch 1.10 we hope you like it and stay tuned for the next comp! Also, check out our social media down below and let us know what do you think of this com and how are your TFT games when you use it!

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