EB24 about Valorant #1, Patch Notes - Prepared by EB24 AndreSG

Today’s topic is about Valorant patch notes 2.09! We have big changes to Viper, a new game mode called Replication, and the introduction of tactical timeouts. So, let’s get started!


Agent Updates


Toxin (Passive): The instant decay inflicted when entering Viper’s smoke or crossing her wall reduced 50 >>> 30

With this change, viper should remain in the S tier but feel a little bit more balanced!


Mode Updates

With the Escalation game mode getting removed from the game we got a new thing to do, Replication!

Replication will be a best-of-nine spike mode where at the start of the match all the players on the team will decide which agent will be played.

The game mode will stay in the rotation for two weeks, ending on May 25.


Map Updates


- Blocked vision of the gaps above Mid-Wood Doors and A Metal Doors

- Smoothed player collision in various locations

Breeze got some fixes and it's moving into the ranked queue so get ready to play on a sunny beach with a lot of long-range duels.

We also got some minor updates and bug fixes that you can read below with a special mention to the addition of tactical timeouts on custom games!

Game System Updates

- Added tactical timeouts to Tournament Mode Custom Games

- 2 tactical timeouts can be called per game, per team.

- Tactical timeouts last 60 seconds.

- Tactical timeouts freeze all player movements for the duration of the timeout.

- For technical pauses, the standard Pause Match Timer option is still available.

- Improved the visual synchronization of bullet tracers and impact effects for Observers

- This should fix most cases where it looks like a player is killed before a bullet reaches them in our esports viewing experience.

- Adjusted color of placeable utility on the minimap to match team color for Observers

- Adjusted color of names in player load out HUD to match team color

- Spaced the End Game Phase and Pause Match Timer options in Custom Games to prevent missclicks

- Improved feel on rope ascenders in high latency situations

- Minor performance optimizations to UI in matches



- Added team colors for placed Agent abilities, for observers

- Fixed issue where Astra’s Nebula was slightly offset once fully formed

- Fixed bullet impacts on Sova’s Owl Drone wings appearing in the wrong locations

- Fixed issues across multiple Agents with incorrect damage icons for abilities showing up in the kill feed

- Fixed issue where Killjoy’s Nano swarm audio would cut off if it was destroyed right after activation

- Fixed an issue where Skye’s Seekers did not show how many enemies were affected in the combat report

- Omen can no longer drop the Spike or weapons while casting From the Shadows

- Fixed an issue where Killjoy’s Alarm bot would display flashed visual effects while invisible

Game Systems

- Fixed an issue where weapons could be instantly reloaded after spamming orb pick-ups

- Fixed an issue where the sound was lowered by 5dB


- Fixed 1P snow impacts that occurred rarely in gunfights

Breeze Map

- Fixed a number of exploits around the map

- Fixed an issue where players could sandwich themselves in between Sage’s wall and the Mechanical Doors on Breeze (or Ascent)


- Fixed a bug that was causing a player’s leader board rank to not show up on their Act Rank badge

- Fixed a bug that was showing the ranked rating threshold on the leader board for previous Acts

- Only the current Act should show a ranked rating threshold bar from now on.

And this is it for Valorant’s patch, not the biggest but we’re hoping more changes come along with more limited modes and great maps! Stay tuned to our social media below to know all about all the games you love!

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