EB24 about Valorant #3, Having a proper warmup routine - Prepared by EB24 AndreSG

Today we are discussing warm-up routines! One of the most important things to consider if you're pondering on playing Valorant competitively! You will only rank up and be able to track your improvement if you give it all in every single game you play and it's close to impossible to do this if you're warming up in the middle of your games! There are some games where you are just destined to lose as you cannot control the many variables that are in play in a game of Valorant but the games you can win and carry, you need to be at the best of your performance. Let's get started!

Contrary to most people's beliefs, every warm-up routine must be specifically tailored to you and copying some pre-existing routine from the internet, especially pro players, is not a good idea. Yes, they are a good reference point to base your routine on but it might not help you and sometimes even hurt you in the long run, that's why all pros have different routines. With that said, we can help you build your own!

Here are the most important topics you need to take in mind when you are preparing to play some Valorant matches:



Make sure you are at the peak of comfort in your setup before you queue up for a game. You don't need a very expensive gaming chair or the most ergonomic desk but you will struggle to try to focus if something is bothering your body or your awareness.


Hydration and nutrition

Speaking of focus, you need to have your water and sugar levels checked otherwise you will notice yourself playing in auto-pilot mode: the worst enemy of improvement! Haven't you sometimes noticed you're having a bad game and can't tell what the hell is going on and just assume it's one of those bad days? Yes, sometimes you're just really having a bad day but more often than that it's either because you're not drinking enough water or playing on an empty stomach. Avoid these two and you'll start seeing instant results!


Aim Lab & KovaaK

These two aim practicing tools are great to get your aim started up for the day. Do some exercises and try to focus more on precision and accuracy rather than speed. The time you need to spend here is very subjective as everyone has different endurances and attention spans. Leave as soon as you feel like your aim is up to your standards and try to not stay for too long as it will fatigue your concentration and muscles making you play worse than you were warming up. The exercises we recommend, as they are the most similar to what shows up in Valorant are Gridshot, Spidershot, Sixshot, and Motionshot but as long as you don't get too dicey with it you can pretty much play whatever exercise you like as they all stimulate your hand-to-eye coordination and muscles.


The Range

This is by far my favorite place to warm up as I can not only warm up my aim but also my mechanics such as counter-strafing, crab-walking, spray control, transfers, utility, etc. What you do here and how much time you spend is also up to you but try to go over a little bit of everything using the bots at the difficulty it suits you best and try to prioritize using the weapons you'll use most during a match such as the Phantom/Vandal, Classic, etc. I like to start on medium armored bots until I hit thirty then do a couple of rounds of hard bots alternating between the many shooting and movement mechanics I've mentioned above.


Now, this is where you should finish up your warm-up routine as it is as close as you can get from a real Valorant game aside from an unrated match. You'll find enemies much more often than you do in an unrated match but if you do have the time to go the extra mile and play an unrated game after a couple of deathmatches before your ranked games, feel free to do so but be aware that this will mean you will fatigue out a match earlier than usual! Anyhow, a couple of deathmatches should do the job! There's also a now common practice of calling out the enemies you see, where you see them, and when you kill them out loud to yourself to warm up your communication capabilities.

Well, that's it! I hope you now know what is important when building up your warm-up routine, you should try to be consistent about it but don't forget that you'll need to change some things up at the start if you find they're not working so well for you. Also, remember that you'll need to adapt your routine over time as your skill improves! For more content in the future, check our social media below!

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