EB24 Academy #4 – How to request a particular Booster/Coach? What are the advantages for the chosen person? What additional options are there to customize your service?

In this article, we will explain how you can request the Booster/Coach service. Moreover, we will cover topics of special ranks, and incentives for the chosen person.

Where can you request the Booster/Coach?
After you make a purchase on our website, you will be redirected to the post-transaction page. [1] This will be the page where you can request a specific booster or coach.

[1] Illustration of the post-transaction page (fictional purchase)

How to request?

The way to request a specific booster or coach is very simple. As shown above, when you get to the post-transaction page, you will have a section asking for multiple information related to your purchase.  It will also show which order you have purchased, plus its customization. [2]

To select a specific booster or coach, you simply need to click on the “Select your LoL Booster (optional)” [3] and you’ll have a small box with a list of names. You can look up the booster’s name manually or simply write it down. Once you do this, select the booster/coach and the order will be assigned.

[2] Section to add information needed for the boost to begin

[3] The location where to request a specific booster/coach

Where to find information about Boosters/Coaches (EB24 Team)

You can find our EB24 Team on our website, straight from the Homepage. [4] All our boosters and coaches are verified.  This means whoever you assign as a booster or coach is someone we guarantee is skilled enough to service your needs.

[4] EB24Team page

Our list of boosters and coaches that have been a valuable asset to our company are ranked for your benefit, as well as theirs.  Each are classified according to their established specialties.  Those classifications are as follows;


        A. Regular Boosters

Regular boosters are people who haven’t established any labels yet that are either new or have yet to establish their true worth while part of the EB24 Team. [5]

[5] Demonstration of a Regular Booster

        B. Loyalty Boosters

Loyalty Boosters are the people who have shown the best performances when fulfilling orders from Unranked levels to Diamond IV.  They have been on our EB24 Team for at least a few months, and in some cases, years, and have been among the best performers for the EB24 Team. [6]

[6] Demonstration of a Loyalty Booster

        C. VIP Boosters

VIP boosters are similar to Loyalty, but are at least the advanced level of Diamond II+.  So, if you require a Master or Grandmaster service, it’s a VIP boosting service for you. [7]

[7] Demonstration of a VIP Booster


        A. Regular Coaches 

Regular Coaches are High Elo players, but doesn’t have limited coaching experience. While the knowledge is there, they haven’t worked with enough players yet to teach them the ropes while with the EB24 Team. [8]

[8] Demonstration of a Regular Coach

          B. Elite Coaches

Elite Coaches are the best coaches EB24 has to offer.  They’re not just players, but have enough coaching experience to help you improve your game.  Most of these coaches have a professional player background, which makes them perfectly qualified as a coach. [9]

[9] Demonstration of an Elite Coach

What are the advantages for the chosen person?

So why should you choose someone? The best reasons are;

  1. Previous experience with this booster/coach you know you can trust
  2. A specific champion, or role, to be played on your account, either as a solo or part of a duo
  3. You want to get the best results for your first-time service
  4. A booster/coach that speaks the same language as you

Choosing a specific booster not only benefits you, but benefits our boosters/coaches. When specified for a service by a customer, the boosters/coaches earn an extra percentage from the order.  This serves as an encouragement to finish the task ASAP.  This way, they receive more than a regular order without assignments.

Additional Advantages

Assigning your service to a specific booster/coach benefits you and the person you’ve chosen.  This isn’t just a request performed online.  There is also an offline mode option.  The offline option is free to use and can be activated on the post-activation page where all you need to do is check off box shown that will put you in offline mode.

[10] The booster will be updated as soon as you make your selection and confirm it.  This is a great feature to use if you don’t want anybody to know somebody is playing your game in your place.

[10] Offline Mode option

Eloboost24 Team.