EB24 about TFT – Patch 12.5 analysis by AceOfSpades

Patch 12.5 is Live for TFT, bringing a lot of good balance changes to the game.12.5 is going to last a total of four weeks instead of the usual bi-weekly patch. Let’s now talk about the major changes and what we can expect from the meta in the next Patch.

1. Ahri is poised to be really strong in the next patch, getting a few small buffs and no nerfs. Look forward to playing some Syndicate next patch, 7 Syndicate is really op!

2. Renata and Bruisers got hit again. Renata will lose 5 more dot damage and VI gets

quite the nerf! The comp should still be S tier next patch.

3. Hextech and Sivir get quite a few buffs, and the only nerf is the dmg nerf of Alistar, but that is not a problem for the comp, expecting Sivir to be a good next patch.

4. VIP Draven gets adjusted. The difference between VIP Draven and non-VIP Draven is now smaller. It shouldn’t feel like a dead champion to not have a VIP Draven.

5. Irelia NERFED, she might be dead!

6. Twitch is not nerfed enough and is still a really good comp to play and is kind of hidden OP.

And now here comes my top 5 picks for comps to play this patch!

Best Comps


Starting item: Bow; You can build both Rageblade and Giant Slayer

Early game: For the early game, playing Ezreal is probably the best choice. Otherwise, using bodyguards and Ashe can be a good option.

Secret Tech: If you buy a VIP and sell it, it will not reappear as a VIP till you’ve bought a

different VIP.

Hextechs are Back

Starting item: Bow - I know it’s a lot of bows! But it’s the best starting item. You can build

either RB, GS, or Shiv, and all of those are good items on Sivir.

Early game: 4 Hextechs is very strong and Lucian is the best carry to use if you can, or you can use Nocturne to carry the items for Sivir. If you play Lucian be sure to use Twinshots. If you play Noc, be sure to play at least 1 Assassin.

SSS tier comp, for sure, is very easy to play since it relies on a vertical trait and you don’t really need to flex anything for it.

Renata and Friends

Starting item: Armor, Mana, AP. You can start either and build Blue, Morello, Titan or

Brumble as your first item.

Early game: Bruisers and Hextechs is a good option, or use Mutants and Malz carry till you hit Renata.

For your late game, you just need to go 8 and find your kench for the 6 bruisers, don’t stress the chemtech buff, you can just wait till 9 for that.

Rat Reroll

Starting item: Bow. It will build both LW and Hurricane, which are very good early game items.  This comp is S tier and also really easy to play. I suggest open forcing until stage 3-2, then slow rolling until you’ve upgraded Twitch and ½ of your other 1 costs to 3* at least. You can then focus on leveling up to reach level 8 to play 5 innovators.

Reroll comps are very good during the starting periods of the new set when the comps are not well polished and understood. It also removes the need to know perfectly all units of the set since you are only concerned with the specific units you need for your build.

Senna Innovators

Starting item: Bow, because she likes LW, GS; Rageblade’s starting bow is really good for it.

Early game: Just play the classic Innovator opener and use Ezreal as your carry. Remember, it’s better to play this comp when the socialite spot is in the back. The 2nd back row can also be good.

For your late game, just fit 5 Innovator and run Morgana instead of VI till you hit VI 2*. You can itemize Morgana just like you would VI.

This is the end of our blog post related to Patch 12.5 for TFT. What do you think of the new changes? Share with us your experiences so far. We’re always super excited to hear from our community! Stay tuned for more content and events from us!

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