EB24 about TFT – Patch 12.6 analysis by AceOfSpades

Patch 12.5 was a very long patch and finally, patch 12.6 is here. The meta is about to get a complete shakedown!

Here are some of the key things to worry about for this patch:

  1. Enforcer is now a 3-piece trait instead of 2/4. Its duration goes up from 3 to 4 seconds, but overall it’s a huge nerf.

  2. The Hextech trait now scales with game duration. It’s much stronger late game but weaker early game.

  3. Almost every champion in the game gets ATK dmg nerfed. It’s a huge buff for AP comps and also for Sivir hextech comp that uses Statikk Shiv.

  4. Ezreal and Mechanical Scarab both get nerfed, and Innovator will no longer be the best early game opener.

  5. Malzahar is now 80 mana, making the synaptic web a much weaker mutation.

  6. Reroll challenger gets hit by nerfing our favorite dog, as well as Quinn. Will they be enough?

And now here come my top 3 picks for comps to play this patch…

Best comps for this patch

Hextechs AGAIN!

Starting item: Bow. Yeah, I know it’s a lot of bows! Hey, it’s the best starting item as you can build either RB, GS, or Shiv and all of those are good items on Sivir.

Early game: 4 Hextechs is very strong and Lucian is the best carry to use if you can, or you can use Nocturne to carry the items for Sivir. If you play Lucian be sure to use Twinshots. If you play Nocturne, be sure to play at least one Assassin.

They nerfed all physical damage champions, playing magical dmg Sivir is now very interesting.


Starting item: Mana, AP. You can start either and build Blue, AP items/Gunblade.

Early game: Play Arcanists and Yordles/Debonair if you can. Brand is the best one cost now (if VIP).

For your late game, you just need to go eight and transition to five Syndicate and add Arcanist+Scholar+Enchanter. The same reasoning as the previous comps as all AD have been nerfed.


Starting Item: Bow. Open Titan> QSS >Rage Blade.

Early game: Open fort until 3-2 then roll down until you hit Quinn 2-star, Zilean 2-star, Warwick 2-star.

I don’t think the nerfs are enough. This comp is still op especially taking into consideration that almost everything else gets nerfed as well.

This is the end of our blog post related to Patch 12.6 for TFT. What do you think of the new changes? Share with us your experiences so far. We’re always super excited to hear from our community! Stay tuned for more content and events from us!

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