EB24 about TFT – Patch 12.9 analysis by AceOfSpades

Do we have a patch for you! 12.9 brings a patch load (and then some) of buffs to chase traits, units, and Dragon Egg hatching! 

Here are some of the key things to worry about for this patch:

1. At the start of the game, every player gets an egg.

2. There are five different-sized eggs. The larger the egg, the more stuff is inside but it takes longer to hatch.

3. Each player gets the same size egg.

4. Each egg has the same value of contents (though items are different).

5. Each egg will contain a Tome of Traits but bigger eggs will also have Components,

completed Items, Radiant Item(s), and more!

6. Innovators will be stronger with the increased chance of getting an Innovator Tome.

7. Sivir comps will finally be nerfed!

8. Scary buffs from Draven.

And now, here come my top 3 picks for comps to play this patch!

Senna Reroll

Starting item: Bow is the best starting item as you can build either RB, GS, or RFC.

Early game: Finding Senna is an ideal start or you could use Gnar/Lucian/GP/Ezreal.

The four enchanter comp is very strong right now, especially if you get a backline Socialite spot, and Jinx is a fantastic second carry.


Starting item: Bow. Last Whisper is a core item for Jhin. You could also start crit but I prefer bow since it’s so contested.

Early game: Going Ezreal and three Innovators is your best opener as you can also use Senna to hold AD items.

Late game, you want to transition to 5 or 7 innovators if you get a chance. I also Like 4 clock if I get the emblem. I would always pick Innovators, Emblem, over anything. It is a very good comp, other things got nerfed, but this comp didn’t.


Still, a decent comp as it’s pretty much uncontested right now. It feels good to play and hit almost every game.

Starting Item: Mana. Renata needs a blue buff like Morello and ideally Gunblade but it’s not mandatory.

Early game: Play bruisers and Malz if possible. Otherwise, Brand is a really good blue buff holder.

This is the end of our blog post related to Patch 12.9 for TFT. What do you think of the new changes? Share with us your experiences so far. We’re always super excited to hear from our community! Stay tuned for more content and events from us!

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