EB24 #6 Community - Partnership - We might be looking for you. Simple way to start earning money

Our community is getting bigger and bigger and with a lot of support from everyone, we have finally been able to create a Partnership Program for everything that is willing to grow along with us!

For those who are willing to join us, here's how can you participate in our Partnership Program:

1. On top of the website, there's the “Partnership Program” tab, you should first go there. [1]

Illustration [1]: “Partnership Program” tab on our Homepage.

2. Once you're on the Partnership tab, you'll find a small graphic resuming all the process on our program. [2]

Illustration [2]: Small graphic explaining the whole process.

3. When scrolling down, you'll find the formulate where you can sign, there are 2 sections [3] on how to sign in:

Individual - if you are a single individual that wants to become one of our partners and you are not affiliated with any other company,

Business - if you are a corporation or affiliated with a company.

Illustration [3]: Image of the formulate

4. After making all the selections and filling the formulate, you can find below the applicable rates from the referrals. [4]

Illustration [4]: Image of the applicable rates.

  • How can you earn money?

You'll be able to post our “promotional” content directly on your social media and promote our website, for each successful purchase, you will receive a relevant rate from the order (depends on your current level). You will receive the money for each completed purchase within 30 days, after joining the website from our referral.

5. Once you submit your application, you'll receive an e-mail confirming the submission of your application. [5]

Illustration [6]: Image from the e-mail after submission.

6. You will be updated of the outcome of your application via e-mail as well, you will either receive an acceptance e-mail [6] or a rejection e-mail. [7]

Illustration [6]: E-mail accepting.

Illustration [7]: E-mail rejecting.

And that's it! It's easy, right? You'll be able to ask us anything about it on our social media too and we will be pleased to reply you back. Make sure to fill everything right and we wish you the best of lucks on joining our partnership program!