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Upon your request, our coach will use voice communication. Through your personal dashboard, you can chat with the coach and manage your coaching session

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The Eloboost24 team features experienced coaches ready to help you enhance your gameplay. Tailor your coaching order and enjoy playing alongside your skilled coach

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20337 Reviews
My order was completed super fast. Thanks for the professional service 😎
k***********5 Nov 6, 2022
Very nice and professional booster, completed the order really fast!
d************5 May 14, 2024
It was fast, communication was good, 10+ stars
D******4 Feb 2, 2024
Great Boosting, very fast and high winrate
C******************9 Feb 22, 2021
Outstanding as always
p**************5 Jan 31, 2020
Service is great, players are really professional and admins are really nice.
k*********************8 Sep 13, 2022
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How it works?

Securing coaching services through Eloboost24 is designed to enhance your gaming skills effectively. Follow these simple steps


Select Your Coaching Package - Select the most fitting coaching package to reach your gaming objectives. Choose between improving specific skills or grasping the game’s strategy.


Secure Your Payment - Finalize your purchase confidently with our secure and encrypted payment system. We’ll ensure you experience a safe and secure transaction.


Personalize Your Session - After payment, customize your coaching experience. Specify areas you want to focus on and select your coach. Choose between past favorites or from our recommended Elite Coaches.


Engage and Enhance Your Skills - Utilize our platform to arrange coaching sessions, set goals, and track your progress. Maintain a consistent learning experience by favoring top coaches for future engagements.


Ongoing Support - Our support continues even after your coaching sessions. We provide further guidance to reinforce and implement the strategies and skills you’ve learned for lasting gaming success.

Common questions

FAQs about CS2 EB24 Coaching

  • What is CS2 Coaching and how does it differ from boosting?

    CS2 Coaching is focused on improving your skills and game understanding through direct interaction with experienced players. Unlike boosting, coaching equips you with the knowledge and strategies needed to enhance your gameplay.

  • What types of coaching are available in CS2?

    You can choose between Regular and Elite coaching. Elite coaching provides access to more experienced coaches and a more in-depth learning experience. This is great for players looking to play at a competitive level.

  • How do I select my coach in CS2 Coaching?

    You can select a coach based on the type offered between Regular or Elite. This selection influences the depth of coaching and the strategies you might learn. It’s tailored to your gameplay level and goals.

  • Can I use the Priority Queue with CS2 Coaching sessions?

    Yes. Priority Queue can be added to your coaching sessions. This ensures that your scheduled coaching begins more promptly and fits better into your available time.

  • Is CS2 Coaching available for any specific number of hours?

    Coaching sessions can be booked between 1 to 10 hours. This allows flexible scheduling according to your learning needs and availability.

Meet the

EB24 team

EB24 Cashback

Professor — Elevate your CS2 gameplay with Professor's personalized coaching service which is part of our EB24 Cashback offering. This program is meticulously designed to identify and enhance your strengths while addressing your weaknesses as you strive for improvement. Through detailed analysis and one-on-one sessions, Professor crafts a personalized improvement plan tailored to your needs and goals.

As you progress and achieve milestones, enjoy the additional bonus of cashback rewards. This makes your journey not only educational but also rewarding. Whether you're looking to improve your tactical decision-making, map knowledge, or team play, Professor will guide you every step of the way.

EB24 Recruiter

Robin — Robin offers a bespoke coaching experience to transform your CS2 skills and competitive understanding. This service is tailored to your unique gameplay style and competitive goals, ensuring a personalized pathway to success.

Robin will help you focus on real-time feedback, strategic development, and practical application. Together, navigate the complexities of CS2 gameplay and turn challenges into opportunities for growth. Engage with Robin's coaching service for a comprehensive approach to improvement that aligns with your ambitions. Pave the way for significant competitive advancement.

VIP & Loyalty Booster

Sharla — For players seeking an exclusive and intensive coaching experience, Sharla's VIP & Loyalty Boosters service offers unparalleled access to advanced strategies. This includes elite training methods and personalized improvement plans. This premium coaching package is designed for those committed to reaching the highest echelons of CS2 play. It provides everything from detailed game analysis to psychological conditioning.

Sharla works closely with you to refine your skills, bolster your confidence, and equip you with the knowledge needed to excel. Choose Sharla’s VIP coaching for a transformative journey that transcends traditional training, setting you on a path to becoming a CS2 champion.

VPN use

Kevin — Kevin’s VPN Use service will help maintain your privacy while receiving top-tier CS2 coaching. Today's competitive landscape requires you to keep your training sessions private and secure. This is paramount.

Kevin ensures that all coaching interactions are protected. This allows you to focus on your gameplay improvement without concern for your online privacy. This commitment to security complements our coaching services as it provides peace of mind and a safe environment for you to learn, grow, and evolve as a player.

Strategic Mastery Program

Ory — Ory’s Strategic Mastery Program is tailored for those who seek to play and understand CS2 at a fundamental level. This coaching service centers around building a deep strategic understanding of the game. This includes learning macro-level tactics to micro-level execution.

With Ory's guidance, you'll explore advanced concepts as you refine your gameplay mechanics. This will help develop a winning mindset. Each session is an opportunity to delve into the strategic nuances of CS2, ensuring that you're prepared for what the game throws at you. It’s a great way to stay at least two steps ahead of the competition.
Why EB24 is

the Best Place to Buy Coaching

Masterclass in Strategic Gameplay

Elevate your CS2 skills with our Masterclass in Strategic Gameplay. This coaching service dives deep into the mechanics and strategies of competitive play. Tailored to empower players with knowledge, tactics, and insights, this program is designed for those who aspire to stand out in the CS2 arena. Our coaching sessions cover everything from fundamental skills to advanced strategies, ensuring you’re equipped to tackle the competitive challenges ahead.

Engage with our seasoned coaches for a transformative learning experience. Witness substantial improvement in your gameplay, strategy, and in-game decision-making.

Personalized Performance Enhancement

Unlock your true potential in CS2 with our Personalized Performance Enhancement coaching service. This bespoke program is crafted to identify your strengths and weaknesses, providing targeted strategies and exercises to elevate your performance. Whether you’re refining your tactical approach or enhancing your mechanical skills, our expert coaches are dedicated to fostering your development.

Choose this service for a tailored coaching experience that prioritizes your growth and success in CS2. Together, we’ll ensure every session contributes to your journey towards becoming an elite player.

Tactical Mastery Program

With the Tactical Mastery Program, delve into the art of CS2 gameplay. This is where strategic acumen meets competitive excellence. Our coaching service is meticulously structured to cover all aspects of tactical gameplay. This includes positioning and map control, team coordination, and communication. This program is designed for players who aim to master the nuances of competitive play through comprehensive training and insights.

Aim for our Tactical Mastery Program for an in-depth exploration of CS2 strategies, guided by professionals passionate about your competitive advancement.

Victory Roadmap Coaching

Embark on your path to CS2 success with the Victory Roadmap Coaching service. This is where each session is a step towards achieving your competitive goals. This service offers a structured approach to improvement, combining goal setting, strategic planning, and performance analysis. Our coaches work closely with you to craft a roadmap that aligns with your aspirations, providing the tools and knowledge necessary for victory.

Engage with us for a coaching experience that boosts your rank and empowers you with the confidence and skills to excel in CS2’s dynamic competitive landscape.

Elite Competitor Development

Elevate your game to the highest level with our Elite Competitor Development coaching service. This is designed for those who aspire to compete at the pinnacle of CS2. This premium program focuses on high-level tactics, mental conditioning, and peak performance training, preparing you for the challenges of top-tier competition. Our coaches are experienced in the highest echelons of play. They offer personalized guidance to refine your skills, strategy, and competitive mindset.

Choose Elite Competitor Development for a holistic coaching experience that prepares you for the rigors of elite competition, ensuring you’re ready to dominate the CS2 scene.