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Upon your request, our coach will use voice communication. Through your personal dashboard, you can chat with the coach and manage your coaching session

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The Eloboost24 team features experienced coaches ready to help you enhance your gameplay. Tailor your coaching order and enjoy playing alongside your skilled coach

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20337 Reviews
The kindest booster I ever had :D Also, his service was excellent
I*******K Sep 23, 2020
very friendly to play with
R**K Jan 14, 2021
Best Graves on EUW, you won't be dissapointed and he actually looks like Graves irl too and smokes fat stogies when playing. Recommend for getting the job done.
M*********d Jul 10, 2023
G*************t May 2, 2020
A job well done!
R*****d Feb 14, 2021
Fast service!
E**********e Feb 18, 2024
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How it works?

Securing coaching services through Eloboost24 is designed to enhance your gaming skills effectively. Follow these simple steps


Select Your Coaching Package - Select the most fitting coaching package to reach your gaming objectives. Choose between improving specific skills or grasping the game’s strategy.


Secure Your Payment - Finalize your purchase confidently with our secure and encrypted payment system. We’ll ensure you experience a safe and secure transaction.


Personalize Your Session - After payment, customize your coaching experience. Specify areas you want to focus on and select your coach. Choose between past favorites or from our recommended Elite Coaches.


Engage and Enhance Your Skills - Utilize our platform to arrange coaching sessions, set goals, and track your progress. Maintain a consistent learning experience by favoring top coaches for future engagements.


Ongoing Support - Our support continues even after your coaching sessions. We provide further guidance to reinforce and implement the strategies and skills you’ve learned for lasting gaming success.

Common questions

FAQs about Wild Rift EB24 Coaching

  • What is Wild Rift Coaching?

    Wild Rift Coaching is a tailored service to help players improve their skills and game understanding. This is established through personalized guidance from professional coaches.

  • How many hours can I book for coaching sessions in Wild Rift?

    Players can book coaching sessions ranging from 1 to 10 hours. This allows for flexibility in how much time they want to spend improving their gameplay.

  • What types of coaches are available in Wild Rift?

    There are two types of coaches available. They are Regular and Elite. Elite coaches typically have higher qualifications and experience. This enables them to provide advanced insights and strategies.

  • Can I choose specific champions or roles to focus on during my coaching session?

    Yes. You can select specific champions or roles when setting up your coaching session. This ensures that the coaching is focused on areas where you want to improve the most.

  • What servers are supported for Wild Rift Coaching?

    Coaching services are available for players on various servers, including Europe, North America, Oceania, the Middle East, Russia, Japan, Latin America, and Asia Pacific.

  • What is the Priority Queue option in coaching?

    The Priority Queue option allows your coaching session to be prioritized. This ensures you receive faster scheduling and commencement of your coaching sessions.

Meet the

EB24 team

Loyalty Program

Professor — Enhance your Wild Rift skills with Professor’s comprehensive coaching program. This is part of our EB24 Cashback initiative. It’s a service that sharpens your gameplay mechanics and strategic understanding, along with cashback rewards as you progress.

Professor employs a personalized teaching method tailored to your specific needs. This includes focusing on critical aspects such as decision-making, champion mastery, and map control to elevate your overall game performance significantly.

EB24 Recruiter

Robin — Robin takes a hands-on approach to match you with the perfect coaching plan suited to your Wild Rift ambitions. He understands that each player’s learning curve and goals are unique. Robin uses these traits as part of his recruitment strategy, along with a detailed analysis of your play style, to pair you with a coaching regimen that maximizes your potential.

Whether you are looking to improve your rank or master specific aspects of the game, Robin ensures that your coaching experience is as rewarding as it is transformative.

VIP & Loyalty Boosters

Sharla — For those who demand excellence and seek to dominate in Wild Rift, Sharla offers a VIP coaching experience that goes beyond conventional sessions. This premium service involves intensive, one-on-one interactions that delve deep into high-level strategies and personal performance metrics.

Sharla’s coaching is designed for players committed to reaching the top. This includes providing them with the tools, knowledge, and support needed to achieve and maintain elite status in the game.


Kevin — Kevin ensures that all your coaching sessions are conducted with the utmost privacy and security using advanced VPN technology. Protecting your account and personal data during online coaching is Kevin’s top priority. This allows you to focus solely on improving your Wild Rift skills without worrying about external threats. This secure environment fosters a safe and focused learning experience, crucial for effective coaching.

Strategic Skill Enhancement

Ory — Ory’s Strategic Skill Enhancement service is tailored to elevate your Wild Rift gameplay through targeted training and real-time feedback. By focusing on strategic play, champion-specific techniques, and team dynamics, Ory provides a structured path to mastering Wild Rift that’s informed by the latest meta and competitive trends.

This coaching service is ideal for players who aim to play and excel in Wild Rift. Ory offers valuable insights that transform ordinary players into strategic thinkers and skilled competitors.
Why EB24 is

the Best Place to Buy Coaching

Empowered Skill Development

Embark on a transformative journey of skill enhancement with EB24’s Wild Rift Coaching that goes beyond basic gameplay instruction. Our coaching sessions are tailored specifically for players looking to deepen their mastery of the game. We focus on empowering you with the strategies, mechanics, and insights needed to excel in Wild Rift.

Each coaching session is a deep dive into your preferred playing style. This includes identifying areas for improvement and capitalizing on your strengths to boost your in-game performance effectively.

Trusted Coaching Experts
Our coaching team at EB24 is comprised of seasoned Wild Rift experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record of success. Trust in our coaches to guide you through every aspect of the game from optimizing champion builds to refining tactical plays. We pride ourselves on building a rapport that fosters a learning environment conducive to growth and confidence.

With EB24’s coaches, you gain not just instructors but mentors who are invested in your success as a competitive player.

Customized Learning Experience
At EB24, we understand that each player is unique. Each person has different learning styles and objectives. That’s why our Wild Rift Coaching is highly customized.

Whether you’re looking to climb the ranks, master a new champion, or improve your strategic thinking, our coaches tailor each session to meet your specific needs. This personalized approach ensures that you receive the most relevant and effective training. It’s designed to make your learning experience both enjoyable and rewarding.

Strategic Performance Coaching
Our Strategic Performance Coaching is designed to elevate your Wild Rift gameplay to competitive levels. This involves comprehensive sessions that cover everything from basic skills to advanced game strategies. These include map awareness, team fighting tactics, and individual positioning.

Our coaches use real-time feedback and post-game analysis to create a robust learning plan that continuously evolves with your progress. This ensures you stay ahead in the rapidly changing landscape of Wild Rift.

Premier Coaching Services

Choose EB24 for premier Wild Rift Coaching services that promise more than just improvement. Our goal is to transform you into a top-tier player. We combine theoretical knowledge with practical application that provides you with the tools and confidence to take on any challenge the game throws at you.

EB24’s extensive resources include access to exclusive training materials and ongoing support. We’re the ultimate choice for players who are serious about their Wild Rift ambitions.