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Eloboost24 reviews

f***g 2019-03-29 05:42:37
He is the best booster in the world, who does everything perfectly :) I really love this boost service, thank you!
Bronze I
t***e 2018-10-30 01:17:19
honestly, the nicest bloke ive ever met on league without a doubt and ive played alot. Genuinely a nice guy to play with
Gold I
Platinum IV
d***z 2019-03-20 09:18:46
Really fast and high quality. Better than I expected
Silver II
Gold IV
S*******K 2019-04-09 22:50:53
Amazing winstreak in duoqueue! Very well done!
Platinum IV
Platinum III
s*********k 2018-10-24 15:40:36
The boosters are so friendly I really got emotional there. I talked about how I want to start main graves and he left me a runepage for graves when he finished boosting. Really loveable people here. The boosting was very fast, right after I paid he logged in my Account and started playing.
Gold III
Gold I
v***1 2018-12-14 17:42:53
* * * * * top service, super nice dude and funney games...
Diamond IV