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In order to create a well working website, we've made the decision to create the Manage Boost Panel. At this page you can only see the demo version. The full version will be available after creating an account on our website. It will only be possible to see when there's an open boost, because it's connected to the ingame panel.

At the Personal Area you can check the progress of your account, pause and unpause the boost and you can also spectate the games. At the moment there's no spectate tool anywhere. The only possible way to do it is in the steps below:

Add the account you want to spectate into another friend list, for example a new account or even a level 1 or smurf account.

Spectate the games.

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In order to begin the coaching process, both the customer and booster have to press the "start" button to start the countdown timer. The timer will be stopped when either the customer or the booster presses the "stop" button.

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