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FAQs about League of Legends EB24 Accounts

  • What is the process of buying a LoL account on Eloboost24?

    When you purchase a LoL account on Eloboost24, you can instantly access account details through your dashboard and email. This ensures a seamless transition to start playing with your new account.

  • How does Eloboost24 ensure the security of LoL account transactions?

    Eloboost24 secures transactions through trusted payment methods and an escrow system that holds the seller’s funds until the account is safely transferred. This provides a safe and reliable purchasing environment.

  • What types of LoL accounts are available on Eloboost24?

    You can find a variety of LoL accounts on Eloboost24, from freshly created smurfs to high-level accounts that cater to diverse gaming needs and preferences.

  • How does Eloboost24’s Lifetime Warranty work for LoL accounts?

    The Lifetime Warranty on Eloboost24 offers ongoing protection for your LoL account purchases. Support is available to resolve any account issues within the scope of their control.

  • What should I do immediately after receiving a LoL account from Eloboost24?

    It’s highly recommended to change the account login credentials and activate two-factor authentication as soon as possible. You want to enhance security and maintain control over your new account the moment you’re able to do so.

  • Are there any additional benefits to buying a LoL account on Eloboost24?

    Purchasing an account from Eloboost24 gives you access to competitive pricing, advanced warranty options, low commissions, and an attractive rewards program. We’ll ensure you a valuable and enjoyable experience.

  • What is a fresh smurf account, and can I get one on Eloboost24?

    A fresh smurf account is a new account with no ranked games played. It’s ideal for players looking to start fresh or test new strategies. Eloboost24 offers these accounts, which are popular among various players.