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Eloboost24 reviews

v**********y Feb 27, 2021
Was a chill guy.
Silver III
Gold IV
m*******1 Feb 11, 2021
great communication & fast delivery 10/10
Silver I
m********s Nov 4, 2019
Best booster ever tested. 100% winrate. What a machine.
Platinum III
Platinum II
R**u Sep 14, 2019
Brokendice is really a great booster, very good communication, fast, a very good person, serious and a very very good player! I recommend it to everyone, for my part I would take it again!
Gold II
Gold I
j**y Jun 18, 2020
it was quick. apprecitate it
Bronze II
Silver IV
R*****d Oct 19, 2019
very good !
Platinum II
Diamond IV