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Eloboost24 reviews

f*****m May 26, 2019
Booster was very fast and a nice guy!
Gold III
s*******2 Nov 10, 2018
Really NICE BOOSTER. Hes friendly as FUCK and really simphatetic and fun. Will have him as a friend not just as a booster. Will surely contract him again if i need.
Silver III
Silver II
t******o Nov 12, 2018
Perfect and fast, good booster!
Silver III
Silver II
d******************8 Nov 3, 2019
Celebrimbor, extremly fast and chill. 10/10
Gold III
Gold I
t*****************2 Feb 25, 2020
Snow is a rly good guy but he should be carefull of some Jinx ults later :D Professional and fast boosting.
Platinum III
Platinum I
p**********n Nov 2, 2019
Platinum I
Diamond IV