EB24 about League of Legends #27 Current meta, Patch 10.7 - from the Booster perspective

Patch 10.7 wasn’t that different from last patch but we want to keep you always updated about new changes and maybe small changes that we think it is worth mentioning!

  • Top

With the new patch, there are new champions in the S tier. So far, the nerfs for the current S tier champions are not good enough to weaker them. In S tier we welcome reworked Wukong, Tryndamere, and Trundle. Trundle might be a surprise for many people but we will get in second in detail why I’ve chosen him from B tier to S tier. Wukong at the current state is insanely strong, he is super hard to outtrade, his w is perfectly synced with his animations giving you almost no space for counterplay, and he has a 3-second knock-up which cannot be countered with tenacity. Tryndamere is an Elo machine super high DPS, unkillable, almost no hard matchups, great at split pushing and he can scale easily no matter how hard behind u put him. Trundle is my personal favorite pick of the patch, he received buffs beforehand and now he is an absolute monster. Capability to 1v1 any champion, with his ultimate he, can turn any losing matchup and he is shredding the turrets if few hits. All other S tier picks build and runes are in patch 10.5 posts so check them out to find out more about them. This time we going to focus on these 3 newcomers.


Top Tier List


S-tier: Kled, Mordekaiser, Darius, Ornn, Garen, Wukong, Tryndamere, Trundle

A-tier: Kayle, Shyvanna, Poppy, Illaoi, Camille, Dr.Mundo, Cassiopeia, Jax, Malphite


  • Jungle

10.6 mainly focuses on melee carry top lane champions and wukong. But kindred buff is huge in my opinion. Buff to her W is making her early game more and more. After one more buff, she will be on meta because other champions still outduel her. And another change in the jungle is deaths dance but sadly the item is too expensive and I think it's only available on graves.


  • Mid

Riot Games is buffing control mages what is not a dream for assassin players but a big deal for those ones who like to play slow farm up and play team fights in 40 min. So, let’s see what’s changed. Anivia received a 1-sec frozen duration buff which, to be honest, doesn’t change anything. She is a nice late game champ but early game is vulnerable for ganks and she is immobile which makes her easy target for assassins.

Tier List for Mid

S-tier: General AP champions, Kata, Akali

A-tier: Cassio, Ryze, AD assassins


  • AD Carry

Since last patch only thing on adc that got changes is Kai’sA cooldowns on E, are 2s lower on level 5.

S-Tier: Miss Fortune, Caitlyn, Ezreal

A-Tier: Lucian, Jhin, Aphelios, Jinx, Kai’Sa, Vayne


  • Support

Currently the hard support engages supports  are still dominant, followed by defensive supports and lastly casters ad or ap supports. Being able to get priority in lane or straight win 2 vs 2 is really important early game to get dragon control for the soul win condition or rotation for rift herald, team fights usually are started by hard engage supports  or you have to counter engage whit defensive supports or just follow up the main engage on the team depending the team comp.


S Tier List


Standard hard engage support, good early mid-game, not as strong in the late game although the changes to w make his late-game not as horrible, usually, you pick her if open unless you already have heavy engage.


Hard engage support, not as strong as Leona early game, but he scales really good into the late game whit hp.


Decent engage but unlike the other 2 he has really good disengage as well, and utility whit lantern, plus good scaling whit souls.


Whit the recent magic shield buff on R Galio is really good as a counter pick vs heavy magic damage team comps, it has good engage with e w and r is a good disruption and follow up engage for you team.


A Tier List

Tahm Kench

Defensive support, really good to counter any hard engage from the s tier, but you need specifics ADC’s, it has good scaling and good map control with R.


Defensive support, the shield is really good vs most of the meta ADC’s, passive is also good to cc the enemy team on team fights and R is useful to disengage against the S-tier.


One of the best counter vs meta supports, but you need specific ADC’s like Ezreal, Kalista and Lucian are the best to use Taric tools with W, E, and R for peeling sustain cc and the powerful r.


Really good on the early game whit double ranged adc poke, but you require either some jungle help or a really good position to deal whit the s tiers, it has sustain, cc and with specific runes, it can control the lanes, plus the global shield and damage R.

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