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EB24 #1 Boosters Thoughts - Jungler

(Summary of the current meta on junglers by Celebrimbor.)

Do you want to learn the current state of the jungle without paying or watching any 30 min videos? If your answer is yes you are reading the right article by a high elo booster who boosts since S6. Let's start with the most picked champs by the percentage below diamond:

First one comes with Lee Sin %11.54 pick rate in all the junglers. This surprised me actually because Lee Sin is both hard in micro and macro level of the game and this is a well-known fact but still people are trying to play it. But in high elo he is viable he has very good sustain and clear speed also he has good runes that fit him(electrocute, conqueror).


The second pick is Kayn %8.56 pick rate in all junglers with %51,20 win rate which is insanely high. Below diamond, there are 2 reasons behind it. First one is Kayn is very buffed right now. He has %130 AD ratio on his W and %175 ad ratio on his R. Which is the core abilities for his most powerful form: Assassin Kayn. His assassin form was already op in high elo because most of the people in low elo has NO idea about assassin Kayn's potential. He can kill/harass you without even being seen. Also with his new e buff, he can stay in a wall without being seen about 9 seconds. It's really hard to play against it and it pressures the whole enemy team. Just imagine, an assassin who cannot be seen about 9 seconds with no counterplay material in the game expect stopwatch. Those are the reasons made Kayn overpowered in the jungle.

Last champ is Jarvan IV with %7.56 pick rate. Although he has %49.24 win rate I really think he is very good in every elo. The best thing about Jarvan is his flexibility. He has good early game, decent enough ratios, utility and a game-changing ultimate. He can be played as a tank bruiser and assassin in the jungle. He has no big counter picks in the jungle and easy to play and hard to play against.


In season 9 jungle shifted to a more utility based role due to nerf to jungle camps. the only reason you see carry champions like Rek'Sai in the jungle it'snot because they are good in the jungle but they are unbalanced. They are both unmatched in clear speed, sustain and dueling and both have good keystones. Amumu, Sejuani, Rammus are superior in low elo and should be played. About the XP nerfs and possible routes; I like to go with Red/Krugs/Razorbacks then blue its the most efficient route you can do because it resets the %30xp penalty on Krugs. Wolfs and gromp give %50 XP compared to Krugs and Razorback. And the last detail is the scuttle spawn time. They changed scuttle spawn time to 3:15 which is a direct buff to level 3 junglers like Amumu, Sejuani and a direct nerf to level 2 junglers like Xin'Zhao, Pantheon.


Jungle role has the third most impact in the game after mid/AD. Mid is always the most impactful role and also it affects the junglers in every way. If you have a winning mid you already won the jungle no doubt. It's so easy to play around a winning mid as a jungler. The only reason that ad has more impact than jungle is all the jungle champions can't do anything against any decent ad player. They need one decent teammate to win the game.


With 2 seconds of stealth, he is still a decent assassin and an okay jungler. His jungle clear speed and early game are weak compared to other junglers but he is still ok in mid-late game than other carry junglers. Evolve order should be R/W/E.R has 2 seconds of stealth and low cooldown. You can escape wards with R.W has %90 slow and it's easy to hit. You can even poke the enemy with constant your W because they cannot reach you no matter what with that slow.

- VI
Has very good sustain/early game clear with decent base stats. Also uses aftershock which is fantastic for a secondary pick. Problem with vi is she has a lot of counter plays/counter picks. She only works against low damage team comps(Tank jungler, Burst mid, bruiser top, Roaming support, Hyper carry ADCS). Her early and mid game is almost powerful as Rek'Sai so any late-game ADC can't even scratch her. Also with her passive, she is unburstable.


The jungle has the second most impact on a high ladder. The high ladder is not solo queue. After 600 LP EUW, most of the players play the game like a scrim. They write flash timers, they don't tilt/fflame,c. In a proper game, the jungle has the second most impact because everyone must respect the role. That means that if the enemy has the better player he just can't abuse it straight up like he did in diamond 1 because in an equal game tracking jungler after minute 5 is almost impossible. That's why everyone says that jungle is unbalanced and creating memes like better jungler wins. Sadly we only see it on highest elo. In every elo,jungler should be respected for his presence.

And this was the full guide and opinion written by our boosters regarding the new meta and the best jungler champions that you should play if you want to climb fast! Of course, if you want a jungler booster to play with you and teach you how to play, you should buy a Duo Boosting service! But if you prefer to learn instead of playing, then you should buy a Jungler Coaching Session and enjoy all the teaching you will get! In case you need help or prefer to talk with our community, you can always join our Facebook Group, we will help you and get you all the tips you ask!