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Ultimate Marketplace Guide: Internal Policies, Risk Mitigation, Warranty Types and Scope, with Case Study

Whenever you decide to trade your account, you must remember that this process carries some risks. In this post, we will help you properly assess and mitigate the potential risks associated with the transaction.
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At Eloboost24, we categorize our offers into three distinct types

What are the risks of purchasing an account?

  • Ban due to botting activities

When leveling up an account, two methods are commonly used:

  1. Traditional (Hand-leveled): The user plays games manually to achieve certain results. These accounts are generally perceived as safer from bans and are typically more expensive due to their perceived value and lower risk.
  2. Botted: The account is leveled using third-party software. These accounts tend to be cheaper but carry a higher risk of being banned due to the use of automated processes.

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  • Account Lock (by the Game Provider)

Based on our experience, an account may be locked when the game provider detects unusual activity related to the actions performed on the account. Here are the most common scenarios leading to such locks:


As we strive to offer the best service to our buyers, we are always available to assist with any issues related to your purchase. If you encounter any of the situations mentioned above and your account is still within the warranty period, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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  • Account Retrieval

Purchasing accounts carries inherent risks, including the possibility of the original owner regaining control. The original owner may still have access to ownership verification questions, allowing them to retrieve the account without needing the new email or password.

  • Lifting Limitations

If your account faces a lock, we may be able to assist by providing a set of verification questions (ownership questions) and facilitating communication with the seller to resolve the issue and recover the account.

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More About Warranties – How to Consciously Select a Proper Account

Our warranty system varies depending on the type of seller

  • Basic Warranty: Granted after purchasing from a regular seller, covering your purchase for 7 days.
  • Extended Warranty: Applicable when purchasing from a top seller or an EB24 account, covering your purchase for 14 days.
  • EB24 Warranty: Offers extended protection when you opt for extra paid protection (20% charge), providing indefinite coverage.

Case Studies – Warranty Scope

To illustrate the scope of our warranties, consider these three common issues

  1. Account Ban
    • Basic/Extended Warranty: If an account is banned, compensation includes website credit or a replacement account.
    • EB24 Warranty: For all purchases, especially those under 20 EUR, full coverage is provided. For orders over 20 EUR, 60% of the order’s value is credited; orders over 100 EUR receive 35% credit.
  2. Account Lock
    • Basic/Extended Warranty: If an account is locked, we attempt to unlock it with the seller’s help. If unsuccessful, 60% of the order’s face value is credited.
    • EB24 Warranty: Similar process and coverage as the basic and extended warranties, with adjustments based on the account's value.
  3. Account Retrieval
    • Basic/Extended Warranty: If an account is retrieved, we take legal steps for recovery. If retrieval fails, compensation varies.
    • EB24 Warranty: In case of retrieval issues, claims can be made for credit or a similarly valued account.

Eloboost24 is not liable if an account ban results from the buyer's actions, such as violations of the game provider’s regulations.

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Choosing a Safe Account from a Top Seller

At Eloboost24, we categorize our highest-quality sellers as "top sellers," who are thoroughly verified to ensure they meet our strict standards. When selecting an account, we recommend considering one of these top sellers to enhance your purchasing confidence. Each top seller has a trust score visible on our platform, which reflects their reliability and customer satisfaction. This score is determined by their overall rating, the number of reviews they have received, and their transaction history. By reviewing these metrics, you can make an informed decision and select a seller that best meets your needs for security and quality.