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19264 Reviews
Really knowledgeable booster and gave me his thoughts when he was streaming our games!
c************1 Jan 22, 2022
Fair. Took 7 games to pass the series
M*********g Apr 17, 2019
This guy Porter is just insane rly awesome Gameplay
N*********e May 11, 2019
A really great service !!!
P*****1 Jan 10, 2022
+++++++++ Hakooo os just amazing os KD and win rate are just the best. Really Recommend him if u want a good ADC! And he is incredible as a person! ++++++++++
r*************2 Feb 24, 2024
Chiller, very fast 100% WR
s***************0 Nov 5, 2023
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EB24 team

EB24 Cashback

Professor — Dive into the evolving world of League of Legends with Professor leading the EB24 Cashback Challenge Boosting program. Tailored for players aiming to conquer new in-game challenges, this service goes beyond the ordinary. It targets specific challenges like Solo Carry, Flawless Victory, and Legendary Legend.

Professor employs a comprehensive approach, ensuring each challenge contributes to your growth as a player while offering cashback rewards.

Unlock your full potential League with detailed strategic guidance and reap the rewards of your endeavors as you showcase your commitment and skill through the newly introduced challenges system.

EB24 Recruiter

Robin — Enhance your League of Legends experience with Robin's personalized Challenge Boosting service. Tailored to meet your individual goals, Robin provides a path to conquer challenges ranging from Decimator to Master of All. This service is about completing tasks and mastering the game’s nuances. All the while, refine your strategic thinking and improve your overall gameplay.

Robin ensures your journey through the new challenge system is rewarding and transformative. This helps position you as a versatile and accomplished player in the League of Legends community.

VIP & Loyalty Booster

Sharla — Sharla presents the VIP & Loyalty Challenge Boosting experience, a premier service for players seeking comprehensive guidance and achievement in the League of Legends challenges. Combining personalized strategies with in-depth game knowledge, Sharla’s program addresses a wide array of challenges, from Tactical Genius to Adventurous Quests, ensuring you excel in every aspect.

With a focus on personal growth and badge collection, engage in a service that transcends traditional boosting, offering a journey of improvement, discovery, and prestigious acknowledgment in the vast world of League.

VPN use

Kevin — Secure your League of Legends challenge journey with Kevin as he ensures your account's safety and privacy with top-tier VPN protection. In the competitive realm of League, maintaining the confidentiality of your strategies and progress is key. Kevin’s adherence to security measures allows you to focus on overcoming challenges and refining your skills without external concerns.

With Kevin’s safeguarding, pursue the new League challenges with peace of mind. Know that your account and achievements remain protected and private.

Strategic Challenge Completion

Ory — Embark on a path to conquering League of Legends challenges with Ory’s Strategic Challenge Completion service. Focused on a holistic approach, this service is designed to guide you through various challenges. This includes combat-centric feats like Bloodthirsty and team-oriented achievements such as Team Work Triumph.

Ory combines game theory, personalized coaching, and strategic foresight to ensure that each challenge is approached with optimal tactics and efficiency. Engage with Ory’s service to transform your gameplay, achieving a blend of accolades that showcase your evolving prowess in League of Legends.
Epic Battle Achievements

Tackle the battlefield's fiercest moments with our specialized Challenge Boosting service designed for those who seek glory through conquest. Embark on a journey that transforms you into the ultimate warrior. This includes achieving accolades that reflect your prowess and ability to turn the tide of any battle. With targeted strategies and a focus on aggressive play, let us guide you to becoming a celebrated figure in the League of Legends arena.

Strategic Supremacy Challenges

Step into the role of the strategic genius with challenges designed to highlight your cunning and foresight on the battlefield. This series enhances your ability to anticipate enemy moves, protect allies, and maintain an impeccable record. Let’s establish you as a master tactician and an invaluable team player in the League of Legends landscape.

Solo Gladiator Series

Embrace the essence of solo heroism by proving your worth as a standalone force within the dynamic environments of League of Legends. Put your skills to the test through this collection of challenges. Focus on your ability to influence the game's outcome single-handedly while surviving against all odds.

Adventure & Valor Series
Embark on growth, skill, and rapid achievement where each challenge is a chapter in your developing story of valor. Push the boundaries of what you can achieve by rising through the ranks with unprecedented speed and setting records that leave the community in awe.
Team Dynamics Expedition

Delve into the heart of teamwork and collaboration with challenges that emphasize your impact in group settings. Whether breaking the enemy's ranks, defending allies, or dominating in ARAM, these challenges showcase your ability to lead, support, and thrive in team-based scenarios.