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Very freindly and fast would do it again 🤙
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h********z Sep 21, 2020
good quality account
t*****r Aug 20, 2023
insane player
W**e Jul 1, 2020
Friendly and efficient
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v nice
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How it works?

Engaging with Eloboost24 for boosting services streamlines your journey to achieving higher game ranks. Simply follow these steps


Select Your Boost - Choose the type of boost you need, whether it’s for climbing ranks, accumulating wins, or nailing those placement matches. Each service is crafted to support your unique in-game aspirations.


Complete Your Secure Payment - Safely process your payment through our secure gateway. With a variety of trusted payment options, your transaction is safe and easy.


Tailor Your Boost - After your payment, customize your boost. Select from recent, favorite, or featured VIP and Loyalty boosters to align with your specific in-game preferences. Apply this to your choice between roles, champions, or agents.


Track Your Progress - Monitor your boost’s development via our dashboard. Choose to communicate with your booster, arrange sessions, and favor your top booster for future orders to ensure continuity and a personalized experience.


Experience the Results and Aftercare Support - As your boost service concludes, revel in the upgraded gaming experience and achieve your goals. Our commitment extends beyond the boost with aftercare support, ensuring you’re equipped to maintain your new status.

Common questions

FAQs about Wild Rift EB24 Boost

  • What is a Placement Boost in Wild Rift?

    Placement Boosting in Wild Rift assists players in their initial ranked games at the start of a season or for new accounts. This service helps establish a strong early season rank based on the performance in these crucial initial games.

  • How many games can I choose for my Placement Boost in Wild Rift?

    You can choose between 1 to 5 games for your Placement Boost. This allows flexibility depending on how many games you need to establish your rank for the season.

  • Can I specify my last known rank when ordering a Placement Boost?

    Yes, you need to provide your last known rank and division, which helps in accurately calibrating the boost to ensure the best possible outcomes in your placement matches.

  • What servers are supported for Wild Rift Placement Matches?

    Placement Matches are available across multiple servers including Europe, North America, Oceania, the Middle East, Russia, Japan, Latin America, and the Asia Pacific region.

  • What are the extra options available during my Placement Matches in Wild Rift?

    Additional options include selecting a service mode (Solo or Duo with Premium option), enabling Priority Queue for faster service, Offline Mode for privacy, and Games Streaming to watch your matches live. You can customize which champions are played or select specific roles to tailor the service to your preferences.

  • What does Priority Queue do for my Wild Rift Placement Matches?

    Priority Queue ensures that your placement matches are prioritized. This enables a sooner start and faster completion. This is especially useful during the busy start of a season.

Meet the

EB24 team

EB24 Cashback

Professor — Start your Wild Rift season on the right foot with Professor’s expertly handled Placement Matches service. This is part of our EB24 Cashback program. It’s a service that guarantees optimal outcomes for your placement games and sets a high baseline for your season’s ranking.

Professor’s deep understanding of Wild Rift’s ranking system allows him to tailor strategies that maximize your initial placement. This ensures a strong start that is both rewarding and strategically advantageous.

EB24 Recruiter

Robin — Robin specializes in personalizing your journey through Wild Rift’s Placement Matches. This includes aligning your gameplay style and competitive goals with the best possible start to your season.

Robin uses detailed pre-match planning and real-time game analysis to ensure that each of your placement matches is played under the most favorable conditions. This will enhance your chances of securing a top-tier initial rank. It’s a tailored approach that sets you up for success and builds a solid foundation for your competitive progress throughout the season.

VIP & Loyalty Boosters

Sharla — Sharla's VIP & Loyalty Boosters service offers an exclusive approach to Wild Rift Placement Matches. This includes providing high-level strategies and personal coaching to ensure you excel from the very beginning. With a focus on comprehensive game preparation and psychological readiness, Sharla prepares you to face the placement challenges with confidence and skill.

This premium service is designed for players who are serious about their competitive standings and want to ensure their season starts with the strongest possible advantage.

VPN use

Kevin — Maintain your privacy and security during your Wild Rift Placement Matches with Kevin’s specialized VPN Use service. Kevin protects your account details and game progress with top-tier security measures. This ensures that your initial climb is both successful and secure.

With this added layer of protection, you can focus entirely on your gameplay. You’ll be safe with the knowledge that your personal information remains confidential.

Strategic Placement Optimization

Ory — Ory’s Strategic Placement Optimization service takes a meticulous approach to your Wild Rift Placement Matches. By analyzing the current meta and evaluating potential opponents, Ory devises strategies that are not only reactive to in-game dynamics but also proactive in setting you up for success.

This service is ideal for players who aim to achieve an optimal start to their season, ensuring each match is leveraged for maximum impact on your rankings.
Precision Start

Kick off your Overwatch season the right way with Precision Start. This is Elbooost24’s elite service designed specifically for Overwatch Placement Matches. Because of its understanding of the critical nature of these initial games, our team uses a focused approach to ensure you’re positioned in the best possible rank to start your competitive journey.

With strategic planning and expert gameplay, Eloboost24 aims to maximize your performance. This includes setting a strong foundation for each new Overwatch season ahead. Precision Start is a special Overwatch boosting service for those who understand the importance of a strong beginning and are committed to starting their season with a distinct advantage.

Strategic Edge

Begin your Overwatch season with a Strategic Edge boosting service by Eloboost24. This is a specialized Overwatch boosting placement matches service that helps players better understand the nuances of early-season gameplay. This is achieved by combining an in-depth analysis of your playing style with our understanding of the current meta.

Eloboost24 provides a comprehensive strategy that guides you through each Overwatch placement match. Strategic Edge is perfect for players who seek not only to secure a favorable starting rank but also to gain insights that will benefit them throughout an Overwatch season.

Season Kickstart

Energize your Overwatch competitive journey with Season Kickstart. This is a dedicated service focusing on your Placement Matches. This specialized Overwatch boosting program focuses on a specific calibration to ensure you hit the ground running as our experts guide you through each game with precision until the season reaches its completion time.

Season Kickstart is about more than just establishing a win rate. It’s also about establishing a solid base for your competitive climb as you rise as a ranked player in Overwatch. This service provides you with the skills needed to tackle the season’s challenges head-on with confidence.

Foundation Builder

Lay a strong foundation for your Overwatch season with Foundation Builder. This boosting service is tailored to your Overwatch Placement Matches. Recognizing the importance of these matches, Eloboost24’s approach combines personalized coaching with strategic boosting. You need to play as if you’re among the professional players who’ve mastered Overwatch and Overwatch 2 if you expect to get a high rank as you enjoy the game. Many players compete in ranked games with this same objective. Using a qualified booster to play on your account in competitive mode will help you overcome fellow Overwatch players as you reach a better understanding of how OW and OW 2 placement matches work.

You want the best possible tier within the Overwatch ranks from the start. You can achieve this by working with EB24’s customer support team and its boosting service. Foundation Builder is the cornerstone for players who are serious about their season-long performance and are looking for a comprehensive approach to begin their competitive journey.

Initial Impact

Initial Impact is designed to make a respectable impression throughout the Overwatch season. When you buy Overwatch placement matches boost as a service, you shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than perfection. Through Eloboost24’s Placement Matches service, Initial Impact is designed for players aiming to set a high standard from the outset. This ensures each of the initial Overwatch games contributes positively to your overall rank and performance.

The Eloboost24 team focuses on leveraging your strengths while mitigating weaknesses. This way, your placement reflects your true competitive potential. This Overwatch boosting service is ideal for those who want to start their season with a bang instead of a whisper. This is ideal for players producing or managing more heroes to accomplish enough net wins with a high win rate that guarantees ideal placement matches in Overwatch 2.