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19264 Reviews
Very good! Fast and the coaching was great <3 He carried my A** in this elohell haha . ty again! i prefer Karim! He is a tilt proof and good booster^^
7********G Feb 6, 2022
Really good booster, 15 games in a row all won. Diamond 2+ Elo
z*n Jan 16, 2024
The service was flawless, it wasn't just a bot in the chat bubble but an actual service rep and my booster (Masterr) was one of the most polite people I've ever dealt with in a customer service role. I've never boosted before this (thanks DongHuaP) but eve...
d******************5 Jun 18, 2021
great scheduling and reliable duo.
t**************0 Jan 3, 2024
Quick as hell. And also good as hell, recommended!
d****s Feb 8, 2019
Very good performance and nice all around
m*******************0 Oct 23, 2023
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EB24 team

EB24 Cashback

Professor — Embark on your Apex Legends journey with Professor leading the EB24 Cashback Badge Boosting program. This specialized service isn’t just about collecting badges; it’s about showcasing your mastery and achievements in the Apex arena. Whether aiming for Legend's Wake, Headshot Hotshot, or the prestigious Apex Predator badge, Professor tailors strategies to highlight your strengths and elevate your profile.

With each badge earned, gain deeper insights into Apex strategies and mechanics, all while enjoying cashback rewards. This program is designed for players looking to enhance their Apex credentials and display their competitive edge.

EB24 Recruiter

Robin — Maximize your badge potential in Apex Legends with Robin's personalized Badge Boosting service. This is catered to your specific goals such as tactical mastery represented by the Shot Caller badge and survival prowess with the Unkillable Demon King accolade.

Robin’s guidance is pivotal. Utilizing detailed insights from Apex Legends boosting experiences, this service goes beyond mere badge acquisition. It helps refine your gameplay for long-term success.

Robin ensures your badge-boosting journey is aligned with comprehensive growth. Transform each challenge into an opportunity to enhance your Apex Legends saga.

VIP & Loyalty Booster

Sharla — Experience the ultimate Apex Legends journey with Sharla through the VIP & Loyalty Badge Boosting program. This premium service is designed for those who demand excellence and recognition in their Apex Legends career. Sharla combines badge boosting with personalized improvement plans, focusing on key areas such as combat efficiency for the Legend's Wrath series or teamwork for the Team Work badges.

Engage with Sharla for a holistic improvement experience. Securing badges is just the beginning of your transformation into an Apex Legends authority.

VPN use

Kevin — Secure your Apex Legends badge-boosting journey with Kevin as he ensures the utmost privacy and security with cutting-edge VPN technology. In an era where digital safety is paramount, Kevin’s protocols guarantee that your badge achievements and strategic advancements remain confidential. This allows you to focus on your gameplay without external concerns.

With Kevin's protection, your pursuit of Apex badges is successful and secure. This helps maintain the integrity of your gaming experience and personal information.

Strategic Badge Acquisition

Ory — Navigate the competitive landscape of Apex Legends with Ory’s Strategic Badge Acquisition. This is a service designed to secure the badges you desire. From meticulous planning for the Flawless Victory badges to strategic positioning for the Long Shot accolade, Ory’s expertise ensures a targeted approach to your badge collection.

Engage with this service to unlock new levels of recognition and mastery in Apex Legends, with Ory guiding each step to ensure your achievements reflect your true gaming prowess.
Epic Engagement Badges

Dive deeper into the heart of combat with our Dominance Unleashed package. This service is not just about winning. It’s also about making a statement. Earn badges like Legend's Wake and the Legend's Wrath series by demonstrating unmatched aggression and tactical superiority.

Achieve the elusive Triple Triple and stand tall as an Apex Predator, a testament to your relentless pursuit of victory. With personalized strategies and relentless support from our EB24 experts, let your legend grow in the eyes of adversaries and allies alike.

Precision and Skill Badges

Specialize in precision with Marksman's Pride, a badge-boosting service designed for those who believe in victory through accuracy. This package focuses on honing your sniper skills, perfecting flick shots, and mastering rapid target engagement. Whether it's clinching the Headshot Hotshot or securing the revered Deadeye title, our seasoned coaches are here to guide your aim to perfection. We’ll ensure each bullet you fire intimidates and incapacitates.

Strategic Team Play Badges

Transform into the ultimate team player with Unity's Triumph. This is a service dedicated to celebrating the art of teamwork and strategic coordination. Earn badges like Double Duty and Squad Wipe by leading your team to glory, outsmarting opponents, and securing wins through collective effort. The Shot Caller badge serves as a symbol of your leadership. Meanwhile, the Team Work series underscores your ability to synergize and adapt. With EB24, become the backbone of your team, guiding them to victory after victory.

Survival and Consistency Badges

Showcase your resilience with Survivor's Emblem. This is a badge-boosting package focused on survival, stealth, and consistency. These badges, from No One Left Behind to the challenging Win Streak series, illustrate your tenacity and ability to thrive under pressure. Under our expert guidance, learn to navigate the battlefield with discretion and strategic foresight. We’ll ensure you and your squad remain the last ones standing, match after match.

Exemplary Achievement Badges

Achieve Apex superiority with our Apex Excellence service. It focuses on comprehensive mastery and flawless performance. This series is for the dedicated player who aims to showcase versatility and unparalleled skill. If it's maintaining a perfect record with Flawless Victory, our tailored service and mentorship will help you achieve it. This also applies to Well-Rounded and Master of All. Demonstrate proficiency with every legend as you elevate your legendary status, making your Apex journey one for the history books.