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21143 Reviews
Fast, friendly, and a very good communicator!
p*********************2 Jan 27, 2024
number one as always!
S*******1 Aug 28, 2022
I purchased the duo/coaching service and was so lucky with getting Comrade! I highly recommend using Comrade for your services. He's awesome to talk with, outstanding player, gets the games done quick, and just really good overall. He pumped me up and was...
H**************e Nov 18, 2019
Booster fast and cool
n*************0 May 1, 2024
got exactly what i wanted
d******4 Jun 29, 2021
Perfect <3
a*****************7 Sep 17, 2023
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How it works?

Engaging with Eloboost24 for boosting services streamlines your journey to achieving higher game ranks. Simply follow these steps


Select Your Boost — Choose the type of boost you need, whether it’s for climbing ranks, accumulating wins, or nailing those placement matches. Each service is crafted to support your unique in-game aspirations.


Complete Your Secure Payment — Safely process your payment through our secure gateway. With a variety of trusted payment options, your transaction is safe and easy.


Tailor Your Boost — After your payment, customize your boost. Select from recent, favorite, or featured VIP and Loyalty boosters to align with your specific in-game preferences. Apply this to your choice between roles, champions, or agents.


Track Your Progress — Monitor your boost’s development via our dashboard. Choose to communicate with your booster, arrange sessions, and favor your top booster for future orders to ensure continuity and a personalized experience.


Experience the Results and Aftercare Support — As your boost service concludes, revel in the upgraded gaming experience and achieve your goals. Our commitment extends beyond the boost with aftercare support, ensuring you’re equipped to maintain your new status.

Common questions

FAQs about Apex EB24 Boost

  • What is the "Pay Per Games" service in Apex Legends

    "Pay Per Games" is a service that allows players to purchase games irrespective of the win/loss outcome. It offers a way to play regular games without impacting rank. This is ideal for practicing or enjoying the game without pressure.

  • How does rank affect the "Pay Per Games" service

    While the outcome of these games does not affect your rank, you can select your current rank for matchmaking purposes. Ranks range from Rookie to Predator.

  • What platforms are supported for the "Pay Per Games" service

    This service is available across multiple platforms including PC, PSN, XBOX, and Mobile.

  • Can I choose my character in the "Pay Per Games" service

    Yes. You can select your character without any additional cost. There are 24 characters available for selection.

  • What are the extra options available in the "Pay Per Games" service

    Additional options include choosing between Solo and Duo play modes. Price adjustments are made for Duo as this is a more involved process. Other enhancements include Priority Queue, which speeds up matchmaking. You also have the option to stream games.

Meet the

EB24 team

EB24 Cashback

ProfessorEmbrace the ultimate flexibility in Apex Legends with Professor’s guidance in our EB24 Cashback Pay Per Games service. This option is tailored for those who seek control over their gaming journey. Pay only for the games you need as part of your overall growth and enjoyment.

Dive into Apex battles at your pace with the bonus of earning cashback rewards for each game played. This is perfect for players looking for a non-committal yet effective way to improve their skills and game understanding.

EB24 Recruiter

RobinRobin’s personalized matchmaking expertise shines in our Apex Legends Pay Per Games service. He offers tailored game sessions to fit your unique objectives and schedule. This flexible service allows you to enhance your Apex experience game by game without the pressure of long-term commitments.

This is the perfect way to practice new strategies, work on weaknesses, or enjoy the game. Robin ensures each session is matched perfectly to your needs by offering a customized approach to your Apex journey.

VIP & Loyalty Booster

SharlaExperience Apex Legends on a whole new level with Sharla’s VIP & Loyalty Boosters Pay Per Games service. This premium option provides games with a tailored experience. It’s designed to enhance your skills and enjoyment.

Each session is an opportunity for growth, supported by our expert team. We ensure your time in Apex is enjoyable and strategically beneficial. This service is perfect for discerning players who demand quality and flexibility in their gaming sessions.

VPN use

KevinMaintain privacy and security with each Pay Per Game session in Apex Legends. Kevin’s rigorous VPN protocols are designed for players who value their account security as much as their in-game progress.

Play without worries as Kevin ensures that each of your Pay Per Game sessions is protected. This allows you to focus on enjoying and improving your gameplay in a safe, secure environment.

Customized Game Enhancement

OryWith Ory’s Customized Game Enhancement, our Apex Legends Pay Per Games service takes a personalized approach to your development and enjoyment. Select how many games you wish to engage in and receive bespoke feedback and strategies tailored to your performance.

This service is ideal for players looking to enhance their skills at their own pace. It also offers the flexibility to focus on specific aspects of gameplay and enjoy the thrill of the game with expert support.
Why EB24 is

the Best Place to Buy Boosting

Flexible Combat Engagement

Dive into the Apex arena on your terms with Eloboost24's Flexible Combat Engagement, part of our Apex Legends Pay Per Games service. This option offers the ultimate flexibility, allowing you to dictate the pace and scope of your Apex journey.

Whether you're fine-tuning skills, working on specific strategies, or just looking to enjoy the game without the pressure of long-term commitments, our service molds to fit your lifestyle and goals.

Select the number of games that suit your schedule and objectives. Our professional team is ready to support you every step of the way. This service is perfect for players who value control and quality in their gaming experiences.

Custom Match Series

Tailor your Apex Legends experience with our Custom Match Series service. Eloboost24 offers a personalized approach to all Pay Per Games. This allows you to select and engage in matches that align with your specific improvement areas or enjoyment preferences.

This service is ideal for players who seek targeted progress in certain aspects of the game or wish to experience varied combat scenarios without committing to a full boosting package.

Enjoy the freedom to choose your battles while still benefiting from expert support and strategic guidance, ensuring each game is a step towards your Apex mastery.

Strategic Game Selection

Maximize your Apex potential with Strategic Game Selection, a key feature of our Pay Per Games service. This offering is crafted for players who aim to strategically enhance their gameplay, one match at a time. Whether focusing on tactical improvements, legend proficiency, or map knowledge, our service provides the flexibility to focus on what matters most to you.

With Strategic Game Selection, you're in control, selecting games based on your personal goals and pace, supported by our expert team's insights and strategies for optimal in-game performance.

Victory on Demand

Experience the thrill of Apex Legends with Victory on Demand, part of Eloboost24's innovative Pay Per Games service. This option empowers you to engage in games where each match is an opportunity for victory and growth. Designed for players who value success and flexibility, this service combines the excitement of Apex combat with the convenience of choosing how many victories you want to pursue.

Whether you're building confidence, chasing in-game rewards, or just enjoying the competitive rush, our tailored support ensures every game is an opportunity for success.

Precision Play Pass

Refine your skills with Eloboost24's Precision Play Pass, a specialized offering within our Apex Legends Pay Per Games service. This bespoke option is for players dedicated to honing their gameplay precision and tactical acumen, offering the flexibility to engage in as many or as few matches as desired.

Focused on delivering quality game time rather than quantity, this service allows for meticulous attention to your development areas, providing a structured yet flexible approach to your Apex progression.