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How to Buy Boosting

Boosting Simplified. Achieve Gaming Greatness.


Step 1

Customize Your Boost

  • Define Your Boost Level: Choose the type of boost that aligns with your current rank and desired goals
  • Boosting Extras: After payment, finalize the details of your coaching, including free and premium options
  • Priority Option: Opt for priority service to expedite your boost completion
  • Booster Availability: Check the live tracker for real-time booster availability

Step 2

Enhance Your Experience

  • Unlock discounts: Apply special codes for savings on your boost
  • Earn cashback: Get a return on each purchase for future use

Step 3

Select Payment Provider

  • Wide Selection: Choose from over 150 different payment methods
  • Flexible Payment Options: Ensures convenience and accessibility for all users
  • Secure Transactions: Reliable and secure payment process tailored to your preference
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Step 4

Complete Boost Customization

  • Confirm payment: Complete the transaction with your chosen method
  • Personalize boost: Post-payment, specify your boost details on the order settings page
  • Customizable options: Finalize your in-game preferences such as: roles, champions or agents
  • Select your booster: Pick from our roster to match your boosting needs

Step 5

Optimize Your Experience

  • Dive into the details of your order on the dedicated management page
  • Initiate conversations and strategize with your booster via real-time chat
  • For duo boosts, leverage the integrated voice communication to coordinate plays
  • Schedule your playing sessions with ease, accommodating your own time constraints
  • Enjoy the flexibility to pause your service as your schedule demands
  • Should your booster not align with your expectations, the option to switch is always available, ensuring a service that truly resonates with your personal preferences

Step 6

Need More Help?

  • If you have any questions or require assistance, feel free to contact us through our live chat
  • Use the chat widget available on the website for immediate support
  • Alternatively, submit a ticket on Discord for more detailed inquiries