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EB24 #1 Community: Changes on the Loyalty Program and the effects of it

Even though we already exist for years, we are still developing a lot of new features and we know that a Loyalty Program is a feature that basically every e-commerce shops tend to have and during the development of the website we thought it would be a great idea, right? Well it was, we implemented it straight away without even thinking straight on the concept... A few months later we've realized that the only thing our Loyalty Program does is make consumers collect points like there's no tomorrow for a little discount extra. Well... Sorry, we actually thought this feature was crucial for the efficiency of our website... Guess it wasn't that simple...

We've been receiving feedback from our customers about this feature and we know something is not right about it and we want to announce a change on it.

As you know, the old system of Loyalty Points works like the image below. [1]

Illustration [1]: Old version of the Loyalty Program.

We know, many of our customers simply gather tons of points and can't really take much from it and that is why we arranged to make a change on the system. So now, instead of gathering points like there's no tomorrow, you will be able to gather 500 points and use them all at once and you know how much it will be giving you? 12% discount! It doesn't sound much? Well, if you remember on adding always the current promotion coupon code we always have, it can give you around 30% discount and that is impossible to have simply as a promotion! This change will be available for you to check on the new version of the Loyalty Program page. [2]

Illustration [2]: New version of the Loyalty Program.

As you can see on our Loyalty Program tab the change has been implemented! If you want to verify how many Loyalty points you have, you need to reach to your dashboard and below your username, you'll see the number of points you have collected. [3]

Illustration [3]: Loyalty points on the dashboard.

If you have the necessary points to gather the 12% discount, you can simply go to the boosting page. It can be any type of service you want: Solo boost, Duo Boost, Win Boost, anything! Imagine you select solo boost and want to buy a big order that costs more than 250€. On the button below the discount bar, you can select the number of points you want to use. [4]

Illustration [4]: List of points you can use when having more than 500.

Then the procedure is simple, you simply click on the 500 points that give you the 12% discount and the price will be changed right away. [5]

Illustration [5]: Discount applied to the price.

We want to see the feedback from you and all our customers about this new change and what do you think about it, if it will be efficient enough or if there's still something else we can do to be even better. If you have any type of suggestion or want to give us your opinion, you can always reach us on our Instagram page, Facebook page, Twitter, Discord Server, and even our Facebook Group, we would be pleased to know everything you have to say about it and about the rest of our services!