EB24 #4 Community - The TFT from a Boosting service perspective

Teamfight Tactics has been booming and now that Riot implemented ranked, we can only see a lot of players trying to climb as much as possible on its ladder. We've been asked a lot about the implementation of ranked for TFT and so we are very happy to add these new features into our website: TFT Boosting and Coaching! Our community was excited to get it and we are also very excited to be able to fulfill their wish!

We have implemented 4 types of boosting:

- League Boosting,
- Duo Boosting,
- Win Boosting,
- Placement Matches.

We have also added TFT option on our coaching tab so you can learn and improve your skill on it!

Each boosting feature is different and here is how they work exactly:

League Boosting:
On Solo/League Boosting the procedure is identical to the summoner's rift ranked system: the booster will log in on your account and provide you the boost you desire.

Duo Boosting:
On Duo Boosting there will be 2 options to get your order done. You can choose if you want the booster to play TFT with you or if you want the booster to spectate you and help you win the game. We know the spectate system now for TFT might not be available so what you have to do is either stream it to the booster in case your PC can handle it or you simply share screen your game to the booster!

Win Boosting:
On Win Boosting if you select Solo Win Boosting, the booster will provide you the wins you asked TFT, of course. If the booster gets placed on top 1, 2 or 3, it will be counted as a win, below that it will be counted as a loss. This feature as duo, will be the same rules in terms of getting placed on top 1-3 to count as a win but you will have the same options as on the Duo Boosting service, you play with the booster or share screen the game with him and he helps you win!

Placements Matches:

On Placement Matches we will still provide you the guaranteed 70 % win ratio and the way we will count a game as a win will be the same as on Win Boosting so each time the booster is placed on top 1-3 will be counted as a win, the rest of the rules will also apply like the ones we have already on normal boosting, of course, this time is only for 5 games placements instead of 10.

For those who are still new to the idea, don't worry because we also got your back, you can ask for an EB24Recruiter on our live chat and we will help you decide which boosting service fits you best! But since you are reading this, I will already help you out with a small advice: If you are still new to the TFT mode and want to improve but prefer to play instead of getting coached, I would recommend you getting Duo Boost so this way the booster can help you by playing with you or simply watching you playing and help you get better and decide which path to take.

TFT is a great game mode and we can see it being a great game just like League. A new ladder and mode to test your limits! Don't forget that you can get in touch with us on: