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Meta Compositions


With patch 11.4 meta completely changed from 1-cost reroll comps to 4 cost carries. Heavy nerfs to Diana, Yasuo, Nasus, and Nidalee made them almost unplayable in your final comps. These nerfs created space for 4 cost units mainly Olaf-Kayle and Aurelion Sol to shine again.  

Comps to run in Patch 11.4

  •          Kayle Executioner-Divine


When to go?  

The first carousel you always want to start with a bow if possible, since Rapid Firecannon is your core item on Kayle. If you want to play this comp try to secure at least one bow early. Besides RFC, you want to go for Qss or GA as your defensive options. The last item on Kayle is flexible, Guinsso's Rageblade - Jeweled Gauntlet - Rabadon's Deathcap or Statikk Shiv after changes works as well. 

After you finish your core Kayle items, try to use your components for Zeke's Herald or Chalice, both are great items that provide Kayle with extra attack speed and ability power. 


Which Chosen unit to pick?

Early game you just want to play your strongest board, so whatever Chosen fits your board. If you can get Kalista early, she is probably the best item holder for Kayle. In case your game is not going so well and you are losing a lot of health, you can roll down on LVL7 and hope to hit any Kayle chosen, as well Sejuani, Aatrox, or Kindred Executioners are good picks, but you prefer to roll on LVL 8 for better odds. 


  •         Olaf Slayer-Dragonsoul


When to go? 

The first carousel you need to go for a BF sword or bow since Olaf is not so effective without Runaan's  Hurricane + Deathblade. Hand of Justice can be used instead of Deathblade if you are not able to get BF swords, but Runaan's Hurricane is core! For your last item, you almost always want to make Guardian Angel since some fights Olaf may get bursted down or cc'd even before he ults. Rapid Firecannon can be used as an alternative for GA, since this way you can position him in your backline away from crowd control. Your second carry is usually Tryndamere or Samira, you can give them whatever AD components you got left. 


Which Chosen unit to pick?

For your early game, Tristana is not a bad pick or Brawlers with Shyvana. But you can pretty much use any AD Chosen.

You transition to Olaf on LVL7 or 8 depending on how healthy your early-mid game was. The goal is to roll on LVL8 for better odds if possible.

Chosen to pick: Olaf - Sejuani Vanguard-Aatrox.


  •          Nekko Mystic-Vanguard


When to go?

The first carousel pick can be a tear, large rod, crit glove you don't really depend on one specific component. Nekko doesn't seem to be contested in most lobbies, so if you get dropped large rods, tears, and get no direction this could be your comp. Core items on Neeko would be Jeweled Gauntlet and Guardian Angel, for your last item you can use Rabadon's Deathcap - Hand of Justice - Infinity Edge. 

Besides Neeko, you want to give at least one Chalice to Yummi for extra ability power, as well as Sunfire to Nautilus for anti-heal. 

Your win condition is Neeko + Nautilus 3 star, so on level 7 you want to slow roll until you upgrade both. 


Which Chosen unit to pick?

The best-case scenario is to hit early Nautilus Vanguard since it gives you clear direction and you can fit all three Fabled units. Other options are Chosen Neeko - Sejuani or Aatrox Vanguard - Yummi Mystic.

This is all for this week's new set and comps! Stay tuned for more content and new comps coming in the upcoming patches for TFT! Follow our social media below and be notified for every event and content provided by us!

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