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EB24 About League of Legends - Patch 12.9 Analysis by Yoshi

Hello, Summoner, and welcome to the Patch 12.9 Rundown! You might be shocked as you log into the League client, and am not surprised by that. Patch 12.9 introduced to us a huge amount of changes, as well as many reworks, and champion adjustments. The changes are not only in the gameplay but in the statistics/summaries of our adventures on Summoner’s Rift. I’ll do my best to help you out when getting used to the changes. I hope the changes will give us a positive outcome :)

My name’s Yoshi and In this Patch Rundown we shall present:

- Challenges

- Champion Changes

- Item Changes

- Upcoming Skins

- Summary

So, let’s get to it!


Now, we will be able to briefly monitor our progress and experience in League. The fact that we can monitor different achievements depending on the champion and role is truly amazing. I think what surprises me most is the fact some known players are being rewarded.  For instance, at some point one of these is an achievement named “Solo Bolo,” which is named after Baus’s remarkable quote. Despite this, the title you achieve in the process of playing is very unique because it highlights your champion as you’re loading into the game.

There’s also an addition which I am very happy about. It’s in the division view in the loading screen that is now available for both teams. This is cool because previously you were not allowed to do that.

What do you think about the changes? The moment I realized something is off track was in the summary screen after the game and I was like “what is going on?!” It took me a few games to get used to it and so far I am very happy about this change.

Champion Changes

E - Charm

Cooldown 12 seconds ⇒ 14 seconds - Nerfed

 R - Spirit Rush

Cooldown 130/105/80 seconds ⇒ 140/115/90 seconds - Nerfed

I think these changes are very deserved because Ahri has a huge amount of damage. And, by building Ability Haste on her you still were able to deal solid damage while at the same time having your ult back up anytime. I think that change won’t do much but it’s still better than nothing.

Passive - Concussive Blows

Per-Target Cooldown 8/7/6 seconds ⇒ 8/6/4 seconds - Buffed

 E - Unbreakable

Damage Reduction 30/32.5/35/37/40% ⇒ 35/40/45/50/55% - Buffed

Braum has been forgotten, among the other supports in the recent patch. I think these changes are not only a little reminder that Braum exists but also a strong adjustment to his hit. 15% damage reduction is a huge buff which I think will make him more presentable in the current meta.

Q - Rampage

Physical Damage 60/90/120/150/180 (+85% bonus AD) ⇒ 60/90/120/150/180 (+90% bonus AD) - Buffed

 W - Spirit of Dread

Cooldown 18 seconds ⇒ 14 seconds - Buffed

Hecarim, after being targeted during the last patches, finally receives the buffs. He was simply too strong back then due to his tank build but now he needs a little boost, especially in his more aggressive builds. I don’t think it’s enough for Hecarim but we shall see over time.

 Master Yi

R - Highlander

Bonus Attack Speed 25/45/65% ⇒ 25/35/45% - Nerfed

I don’t think this is a good change at all! Nowadays, Master Yi requires a lot of experience and ability in the player’s hands to make him work in the current meta. I think this change is targeted in most cases below golden divisions. I think it will make Master even worse and less likable to play as him or even with him.


Base Stats

Base Health 570 ⇒ 540 - Nerfed

Nidalee is a very tough champion to balance because a little adjustment to her kit might make her either too strong or completely unplayable. That is why I think Riot found a solution to slow down Nidalee’s snowball by decreasing her base health early on. I think it is a nice attempt by them.


Base Stats

AD Growth 3.5 ⇒ 4.7 - Buffed

AD at level 18 127.5 ⇒ 148 - Buffed

Health Growth 100 ⇒ 105 - Buffed

Mana Growth 42 ⇒ 50 - Buffed

 Passive - Berserker Rage

Maximum Attack Speed Granted 99% ⇒ 40-100% (levels 1-18) - Nerfed

FIGHT ON Berserker’s Rage now provides 10-30% life steal (levels 1-18), based on Olaf’s missing health - New

MAD MATH Bonuses max out at 0% Health ⇒ 30% Health - Buffed

 Q - Undertow

Cooldown 7 seconds ⇒ 9 seconds - Nerfed

Damage 80/125/170/215/260 ⇒ 60/110/160/210/260 - Nerfed

Minimum Range 300 ⇒ 425 units - Nerfed

Mana Cost 60 at all ranks ⇒ 40/45/50/55/60 - Buffed

BEATDOWN CITY. POPULATION: YOU Q - Undertow now shreds 20/22.5/25/27.5/30% armor for 4 seconds upon hitting an enemy champion. (Note: Subsequent axes will refresh the debuff duration.) - Adjusted

PRO AXE JUGGLER Picking up axes now fully refunds Q - Undertow's cooldown, but axes can only be thrown a maximum of once every 3 seconds. (Note: The 3 second limit scales with Ability Haste.) - Adjusted

COMING THROUGH Included a quality of life buff to Olaf’s Q - Undertow so that it now grants ghosting more consistently to jungle monsters who he hits or are near him when Q is cast - Adjusted

 W - Tough It Out

NAME CHANGE Vicious Strikes ⇒ Tough It Out - Adjusted

Cooldown 16 seconds at all ranks ⇒ 16/14.5/13/11.5/10 seconds - Buffed

Attack Speed 50/60/70/80/90% ⇒ 40/50/60/70/80% - Nerfed

Ability Duration 6 seconds ⇒ 4 seconds - Buffed

JUST W now resets Olaf’s basic attack timer - New

TOUGH On activation Olaf now gains a 10/45/80/115/150 (+25% missing health, capped at 30% of his current HP) shield for 2.5 seconds - New

IT No longer grants Life Steal - Removed

OUT No longer amplifies Olaf’s healing based on missing health - Removed

 R - Ragnarok

Bonus Attack Damage 15/20/25 (+30% AD) ⇒ 10/20/30 (+25% AD) - Adjusted

Duration 6 seconds ⇒ 3 seconds - Nerfed

Passive Resists 20/30/40 ⇒ 10/25/40 - Nerfed

I AM UNTETHERED R - Ragnarok's passive bonus resistances are no longer lost for the duration of the ability - Removed

MY RAGE KNOWS NO BOUNDS Hitting a champion with a basic attack or E - Reckless Swing extends the duration of Ragnarok to 2.5 seconds. Olaf can refresh Ragnarok indefinitely. - New

That’s a big change! Riot has started to make significant changes to the game, starting from Olaf. Olaf’s kit has been entirely changed and now he’s very strong (as long as you let him attack you). The adjustments he received are strong and has also received small nerfs to balance his kit a little bit before the release. Will that be enough? I am not certain about that but I am optimistic about the new look of our Viking.

Passive - Gift of the Drowned Ones

Damage Converted to Grey Health when near Two or more Enemies 40% (+0.5% per Lethality) ⇒ 45% (+0.5% per Lethality) - New

 Q - Bone Skewer

BONE APP THE TEETH Bone Skewer now refunds mana upon hitting an enemy champion

Mana Cost 50/55/60/65/70 ⇒ 74/78/82/86/90 - Nerfed

Mana Refund: 50% ⇒ 75% - Buffed

 R - Death From Below

Cooldown 120/100/80 seconds ⇒ 100/85/70 seconds - Buffed

LIGHTER POCKETS Pyke no longer receives “Your Cut” gold upon successfully executing enemy champions with his R (last assisting ally will still receive “Your Cut”) - Removed

BOGO IS A NO GO Pyke no longer receives additional “Your Cut” gold when allies kill enemies within Death From Below’s execution area - Removed

I am very happy about these changes because that is an adjustment toward Pyke on mid-lane. He’s way stronger now as a support but try to imagine a control mage player that is laning a roaming assassin that doesn’t care about upcoming poke. That is very annoying to play but people playing Pyke are going to enjoy him but on support.

Renata Glasc

Base Stats

Base Armor 29 ⇒ 27 - Nerfed


Passive - Leverage

Additional Magic Damage when Renata Marks a Target 1-3.5% (levels 1-13) (+1% per 100 AP) ⇒ 1-2% (levels 1-9) (+2% per 100 AP) - Nerfed

Additional Magic Damage Against Marked Targets 1-3.5% (levels 1-13) (+1% per 100 AP) ⇒ 1-2% (levels 1-9) (+2% per 100 AP) (damage against unmarked targets unchanged) - Nerfed

I think these changes are just to stop Renata’s Monopolization of the bottom lane. Since she started to appear more frequently after release, that is a good sign for her. But, that’s the same thing with Qiyana as she didn’t need any nerfs until people learned how to play her to her full potential. The same thing (but on a lower caliber) might happen to Renata, which is why Riot is slowing that down. I think this is a good idea.


Base Stats

Health Growth 92 ⇒ 97 - Buffed

AD Growth 3.75 ⇒ 4.15 - Buffed

AD at Level 18 132.75 ⇒ 139.55 - Buffed

 W - Ruthless Predator

Cooldown 13/12/11/10/9 seconds ⇒ 16/14/12/10/8 seconds - Adjusted

Total Physical Damage 10/30/50/70/90 (+75% AD) ⇒ 10/40/70/100/130 (+75% AD) - Buffed

Total Physical Damage when Empowered 15/45/75/105/135 (+75% AD) ⇒ 15/60/105/150/195 (+75% AD) - Buffed

 R - Dominus

Magic Damage per Second 40/80/120 (+10% AP) ⇒ 50/100/150 (+10% AP) - Buffed

Renekton’s change is mostly because he is falling behind in the late game. Those changes boost him up so he will not descale in the further stages of the game. In my opinion, it is a good opportunity for Renakton to be more than a tank in the late game.

W - Battle Roar

Damage to Monsters 85-150 (levels 1-18) ⇒ 65-130 (levels 1-18) - Nerfed

A small adjustment towards his jungle clear. The most hurtful factor is -20 damage, which will slow his pathing a little. It might delay his jungle tour by a few seconds, which might be very impactful as you want to get a lead in the early game.

W - Burnout

Damage Tick Rate 1 second ⇒ 0.5 seconds - Buffed

 E - Flame Breath

The area of effect zone from Shyvana’s E - Flame Breath now applies marks to enemies that enter the zone. - New

These updates are not changing much so it might visually just appear as we face her.

Passive - Glory in Death

NOT A WRECKING BALL Sion now does 60% reduced damage to structures while in his reanimated frenzy form (includes runes and items) - New

This destroys Sion. As long as he’s unable to proceed with the demolish during the time of passive then the playstyle is completely worthless. The one person that can feel that change is Thebausffs because that’s the tactic he’s been using most frequently.


Base Stats

Base Health 531 ⇒ 500 - Nerfed

Base Health Regen 7 ⇒ 6.5 - Nerfed

Health Regen Growth 0.7 ⇒ 0.65 - Nerfed

Base Mana 425 ⇒ 470 - Buffed

Base Mana Regen 9.34 ⇒ 8 - Nerfed

Mana Regen Growth 0.85 ⇒ 0.8 - Buffed

Base Armor 20 ⇒ 18 - Nerfed

Move Speed 335 ⇒ 330 - Nerfed

 Passive - Rock Surfing

Out of Combat Bonus Move Speed 20-45% (levels 1-18) ⇒ 10/20/35/55% (levels 1/9/12/15) - Adjusted

Passive Fall Off Time when not near Terrain 1 second ⇒ 2.5 seconds - Buffed

 Q - Threaded Volley

Mana Cost 50/60/70/80/90 ⇒ 60/65/70/75/80 - Nerfed

Cooldown 7/6/5/4/3 seconds ⇒ 6.5/5.5/4.5/3.5/2.5 seconds - Buffed

1-Rock Damage 70/95/120/145/170 (+45% AP) ⇒ 38/61/84/107/130 (+50% AP) - Nerfed

Damage Reduction from Subsequent Stone Shards 50% ⇒ 60% - Nerfed

5-Rock Damage 210/285/360/435/510 (+135% AP) ⇒ 98.8/158.6/218.4/278.2/338 (+130% AP) - Nerfed

Damage Reduction from Subsequent Stone Shards Against Monsters 25% ⇒ 60% - Nerfed

SUPER EFFECTIVE Each Stone Shard now deals an additional 30 (+10% AP) damage against monsters - New

SCATTERED STONES Stone Shards now deal damage in a 175 radius area of effect (approximately 1.6 Teemos) - New

ROCK SOLID Q - Threaded Volley will now continue to cast while Taliyah is in Stasis - New

NOT JUST A ROCK Casting Q - Threaded Volley on Worked Ground now consumes the Worked Ground to fire a single Boulder that deals double damage [76/122/168/214/260 (+100% AP)] and slows all targets hit in a 225 AoE radius by 30/35/40/45/50% for 2 seconds - New

Mana Cost on Worked Ground 1 ⇒ 20 - Nerfed

Minimum Cooldown on Worked Ground 1 second ⇒ 0.75 seconds - Buffed

Worked Ground Duration 25 seconds ⇒ 30 seconds - Adjusted

Worked Ground Radius 300 ⇒ 400 - Adjusted

LEVEL GROUNDS The size of Worked Ground on Howling Abyss now matches Summoner’s Rift - Adjusted

SKIPPING STONES Q - Threaded Volley casts on Worked Ground now has new VFX, SFX, animation, and icon! - New

 W - Seismic Shove

Mana Cost 70/80/90/100/110 ⇒ 40/30/20/10/0  - Buffed

Cooldown 16/15/14/13/12 seconds ⇒ 14/12.5/11/9.5/8 seconds - Buffed

Knock Up Radius 200 ⇒ 225 - Buffed

Time Delay before Knock Up 0.8 seconds ⇒ 0.75 seconds - Buffed

SOFT LIKE SAND W - Seismic Shove no longer deals damage - Adjusted

 E - Unraveled Earth

Cooldown 16/14/12/10/8 seconds ⇒ 16/15/14/13/12 seconds - Nerfed

Damage on Initial Cast 50/75/100/125/150 (+40% AP) ⇒ 60/105/150/195/240 (+60% AP) - Buffed

Slow Strength 20% (+4% AP) ⇒ 20/22/24/26/28% (AP ratio removed)  - Adjusted

Boulder Detonation Damage 50/60/70/80/90 (+30% AP) ⇒ 25/45/65/85/105 (+30% AP) - Adjusted

Damage Reduction per Subsequent Boulder Hit 15% ⇒ 25% - Buffed

Maximum Boulder Detonation Damage 155/186/217/248/279 (+93% AP) ⇒ 62.5/112.5/162.5/212.5/262.5 (+75% AP) - Adjusted

Delay Between Casting and Spawning First Row of Boulders 0.1 seconds ⇒ 0 seconds - Buffed

Delay Between Spawning Rows of Boulders after the First Row 0.1 seconds ⇒ 0.17 seconds - Nerfed

TECTONIC SHIFTS E - Unraveled Earth now spawns 6 rows of boulders extending outwards from Taliyah with 4 boulders per row (previously spawned 4 rows of boulders with 6 boulders per row) - Adjusted

A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE Boulders now stun enemies that dash through them for the duration of the dash + 0.6/0.7/0.8/0.9/1 seconds. (Note: the max stun duration is 2 seconds and monsters are always stunned for the max duration). - New

IT’S JUST A BOULDER E - Unraveled Earth no longer detonates to deal additional damage after 4 seconds - Removed

 R - Weaver’s Wall

Range 3000/4500/6000 ⇒ 2500/4500/6500 - Adjusted

Dash Range when Jumping off Wall 400 ⇒ 700 - Buffed

Dash Speed when Jumping off Wall 1000 ⇒ 1200 - Buffed

SKIPPING ROCKS Moving Taliyah while she is riding the Weaver’s Wall now causes Taliyah to dash to the location clicked, up to the maximum dash range instead of dropping her perpendicular to the wall. - Adjusted

SURFS UP Dashing when jumping off of the wall is now more forgiving when trying to dash through terrain - Adjusted

NOT SO FAST LITTLE SPARROW Damage from enemy champions or structures now prevents Taliyah from casting R - Weaver’s Wall for 3 seconds - New

THE PIONEERS USED TO RIDE THESE FOR MILES Taking damage no longer knocks Taliyah off her wall - Removed

Okay, now that’s a lot of changes! Taliyah is finally going back to midlane. I think she’s not as strong as she used to be, so in the case of the early game, we have to get through the first 9 levels to start feeling her potential. The additional cc for dash champion, the aoe dmg on Q, and conditional cast on spells are the things Taliyah needed. What do you think about that?

Passive - Damnation

Ability Power and Bonus Armor per Soul 0.75 ⇒ 1 - Buffed

 W - Dark Passage

Shield Strength 60/90/120/150/180 (+1 per Soul) ⇒ 60/90/120/150/180 (+2 per Soul) - Buffed

These changes slightly increase Thresh’s survivability so she doesn’t fall off in the meta even in the view of his spell kit. I think that’s a good change worth trying out.

Passive - Living Vengeance

Bonus Attack Speed on Non-Champion Kills 10/15/20% (+15% bonus Attack Speed) ⇒ 10/15/20% (+20% bonus Attack Speed) - Buffed

Bonus Attack Speed on Champion Kills 40% (+30% bonus Attack Speed) ⇒ 40% (+40% bonus Attack Speed) - Buffed

 W - Blighted Quiver

Bonus Magic Damage On-Hit 7/10.5/14/17.5/21 (+30% AP) ⇒ 7/12/17/22/27 (+30% AP) - Buffed

Varus wasn’t noticed as an attack speed hyper carry. Usually, it was built using Lethality items which got nerfed on him and he fell off. That is why he received a nice adjustment to his attack speed and it might make a turning point for his presence in the bottom lane. I personally like this change.

Item Changes


Champion Bonus Resists While Hunting Alone (Melee) 20-60 (levels 1-18) ⇒ 10 (levels 1-11), then 20/35/43/51/59/67/75 (levels 12-18) - Adjusted

Champion Bonus Resists While Hunting Alone (Ranged) 10-30 (levels 1-18) ⇒ 5 (levels 1-11), then 10/17.5/21.5/25.5/29.5/33.5/37.5 (levels 12-18) - Adjusted

updatedSTURDIER HULLS Deal 20% bonus damage from all sources against structures ⇒ ONLY attacks deal 20% bonus damage against structures - Adjusted

This is a very good change. Hullbreaker was the item that was abused by most of the top laners recently. Its impact on map pressure and lane dominance was just too huge that even after rushing Hullbreaker as the first item, you were not falling behind. Instead, you were even getting stronger for a completely worth gold value. That change is a very healthy adjustment, especially for people that thoughtlessly decided to purchase that item because of “meta”.

Upcoming skins

High Noon Katarina

High Noon Leona

High Noon Mordekaiser

High Noon Varus & High Noon Talon

Prestige High Noon Talon

EDG Aphelios, Graves, Viego, Yuumi, Zoe


Woah! That’s a lot of champion changes! I did not expect they would cover so much in case of gameplay changes. It will require lots of games to make people use these. Taliyah, for example, is not going to be played as often as she used to be, which I like because it keeps on moving the progress of League. Hey, let us know how you feel about the recent client changes. Do you enjoy them or do you prefer the previous version? We are looking forward to your comments on our EB24 socials!

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That's the end of the 12.9 Patch Rundown! Here was Yoshi! Stay tuned to the recent events and content coming up almost every day!

Thank you for taking part in this and we will see you on the next patch!