EB24 Academy #3 – How to list an account on the EB24 Marketplace

As mentioned in the EB24 Academy #1 Eloboost24 is a trusted platform providing in-game services such as Boosting and Coaching, as well as selling or acting as an intermediary while offering a product called virtual in-game accounts. In this article, we are going to explain how any user can list an account on the EB24 marketplace.


Where can you find the accounts?

The homepage intuitively allows you to enter the service pages by clicking on the Account trading button or alternatively hoovering the Account trading section in the menu.

[1] Homepage, how to enter the account trading section.

Before listing an account on the marketplace

If you want to list an account on the marketplace, you must add the withdrawal information. To put it simply, you must conduct the following steps:

  1. Log in or create an EB24 account
  2. Go to your dashboard, afterward click on the “request withdraw” tab
  3. Add the payment method
  4. Fill in the required information

[2] Request Withdraw tab on the dashboard

As many sellers tend to only add only one withdrawal method, the payment may be delayed if there is an issue with the selected witdrawal method.


Listing the account

After you complete the steps above, you have to enter the “Marketplace” section. 

[3] Marketplace tab on the dashboard


The marketplace section comprises three tabs:

  • Bought accounts
  • Sell accounts
  • Your accounts

If you wish to sell an account, you need to enter the “Sell account” section. On the platform we distinguish two ways to list the account: Regular Sale and Comfort Sale.

[4] Regular and Comfort sale

A. Regular Sale

Regular sale is the most used method to list an account on the platform. To put it simple, you are asked to provide the information from the form.

B. Comfort Sale

The comfort sale is an easier way to listing an account on the platform. To put it simply, you don’t have to upload any images or provide information about the accounts. To give an example: you don’t have to fill in information such as blue essence, number of skins, champions, etc.



Bulk mode – what is all about?

A bulk mode function allows you to add multiple accounts with the same/similar details (for example: number of champions, skins, blue essence) at once. The bulk feature applies to regular and comfort sale. The functionality allows you to add up to 20 accounts at the same time.

[5] Bulk mode functionality

How and when can I get paid?

 e you sell an account, you will be eligible to receive money for the sold account. The money will be initially frozen for 7 days to ensure that transfer of the account has been completed, and there are no corresponding issues with the account. Afterward, the money will be transferred “Ready” balance. If you have filled in the financial information in the request withdraw section, your balance will be transferred every Thursday.

[6] Marketplace balance

EB24 Team.