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Tip and Tricks Patch Notes Tier List

EB24 about League of Legends #34 Itemization, Patch 10.9 - from the Booster perspective

Last but not least, the great item guide for all the S and A-tier champions for each role! Remember, EB24 is always here to help you so make sure you check all our guides and have fun playing them on SoloQ!



The itemization for the top lane stays the same as presented below. As a recommendation for any bruiser fighting against a 3-man ap team comp, I suggest going Cutlass into Wit’s End and then finish Botrk. It works on any bruiser that uses auto attacks only as well as on champions like Renekton, and Gnar, but it’s not recommended to build it on Darius or Garen as they’re mostly focused on utility+tankiness rather than on auto attacks.






The items are the same because there were no changes at all. There are 2 replacements you can do: 

-          One of them is building Black Cleaver than Death’s Dance and not building  Bloodthirster on Graves.

-          The second one is building Edge of the Night on Rek’Sai after Black Cleaver and no streaks.


Rek'Sai: Warrior > Black Cleaver > Guardian Angel > Streaks > Adaptive tank item


1st build: Warrior > Deaths Dancer > Phantom Dancer > Infinity Edge > Bloodthirster > Boots depends

2nd build: Warrior > Drakthar > Youmuu’s > Edge of Night > Mortal reminder > Boots depends

Nidalee: Runic Echo > Sorc boots or Oblivion Orb* > Lich bane > Rabadon or Zhonya* > Rabadon or Void staff

* If they have +2 assassins (like Zed or Kha’Zix) you can go Oblivion Orb and Zhonyas. If they have +3 enemy with +120 MR go for Void staff instead of Rabadon.

Lee Sin: Warrior > Black Cleaver > Sterak's Gage > Guardian Angel > A tank item depends on enemy > Boots depends too



There were no changes on the itemization for the mid lane so you can still use the regular builds for all champions below. 

It’s more often to use Liandry's Torment instead of Morello due to its ability to increase your damage in long trades when playing Ryze, Cassiopeia, Malzahar, Aurelion.

Talon, Zed, Qiyana:




Kassadin (boots are situational):



Items for S tier Champions:
Miss Fortune: go Doran’s Blade if you don’t have enough for BF on your first back, Infinity, Essence, Rapid Fire/BT, last two items are situational (QSS, GA, More crit)

Caitlyn: Stormrazor, Infinity, Rapid, BT/QSS, the last item is situational

Ezreal: Manamune, Trinity (Iceborn vs heavy ad team), Botrk, Lord Dominik’s/Mortal Reminder (if they have healing), the last item is situational

Items for A tier champions:
Lucian: Essence Reaver, Infinity Edge/Phantom Dancer/Rapid Fire Cannon, GA/MAW/BT

Jhin: Stormrazor, Rapid Fire Cannon, Infinity Edge, PH/MAW/GA


The support tank items remain unchanged, you still need the armor, magic resistances, hp mana, and cdr so these items are still the same to all our S-tier champions. Some of the A-tier tank supports, while ranged supports keep building the same AP support items.

Leona, Nautilus, Thresh, and Alistar: Zekes Converge > Knights Vow > Stone Plate > Solari

Taric: Shurelyas Reverie > Zekes Converge > Knights Vow > Solari

Braum, Rakan, Tahm: Zekes Converge > Stone Plate > Solari

Nami, Yuumi, Soraka: Athenes Unholy Grial > Redemption > Ardent Censer.

Sadly the guide has ended but you shall not worry, EB24 will bring more content next week for the upcoming patches and more! Stay tuned to all our events and posts since you will learn along with our tips and tricks! 

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