EB24 about League of Legends #35 Current Meta, Patch 11.3 - from the Booster perspective

Our patch rundown blog is already out but we know you want to know what is broken and that you can abuse on your Solo Queue adventures! Keep reading and find your best pick for this patch.


Top Tier List

S+:Darius, Pantheon, Cho’Gath, Malphite

S: Camille, Gnar, Irelia, Renekton, Viego, Gragas

A: Riven, Sett, Mordekaiser, Riven, Jayce, Volibear, Ornn

B: Nasus, Shen, Aatrox

Top lane meta did not really change, although Goredrinker got nerfed, champions did not really change.

Highly recommend playing Darius, Camille, Renekton, Gragas or Malph

Jungle Tier List

S+: Udyr, Hecarim, Kha’Zix

S: Viego, Graves, Kayn, Ekko, Olaf, Karthus

A: Shyvana, Rammus, Elise, Nunu, Evelynn, Ivern

B: Master Yi, Nidalee, Lillia, Nocturne

Udyr got buffed in last patches and he’s dominating solo queue and competitive games. His utility helps him with ganks, engages, and kite potentials. Hecarim and Kha'Zix are really good options to carry 1v9 as a jungler.


Midlane Tier List

S+: Fizz, Yone, Yasuo

S: Viktor, Twisted Fate, Anivia, Seraphine

A: Kassadin, Annie, Le Blanc, Sylas, Orianna, Pantheon

B: Vladimir, Ahri, Ekko, Viego

Fizz Yone and Yasuo are the type of champions that if they are in good hands they can easily 1v9 games. If you want to play for a team or have more impact on the map I would recommend playing TF or Pantheon.

ADC Tier List

S+: Kaisa, Senna

S: Jhin, Samira

A: Vayne, Xayah, Ezreal, Tristana

B: Kalista, Miss fortune, Lucian

Senna got buffed in this patch, she can easier and faster get her souls now and with her range, in mid/late game she’s absolutely strong. Kaisa Jhin and Samira still in their good spot in the current meta. Xayah is a pretty good matchup for Kaisa, that's why she returned into meta.

Highly suggested playing these 4 champs, if banned/picked then go for picks such as Vayne, Ezreal, or Lucian Tristana.


Support Tier List

S+: Lulu, Yuumi, Seraphine, Alistar, Leona, Nautilus

S: Nautilus, Rell, Nami, Karma, Pyke, Bard

A: Pyke, Janna, Blitzcrank, Senna, Maokai

B: Swain, Lux, Soraka, Galio, Brand

Enchanters items for supports got insane buffs. 60% heal reduction when giving shield/healing is op. Although enchanters are back and strong, engage tank supports are still in a good spot. I Highly recommend playing engage support in solo queue.

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