EB24 about League of Legends #5 Macrostats - Utilize your presence to win the game on Patch 9.23 - from the Booster perspective

(This guide was written by one of our boosters called "dontknowme")

The Preseason is here. We've provided a lot of boosting and coaching services to our beloved customers and we hope to continue to see you in the next season! Our goal is to make as many customers happy and satisfied with our services. We also know that many of you like to check the best strategies to practice when you're on your own and so we couldn't let this new patch to be left behind! To all the players that like to try hard and give their fullest when playing ranked, here are the best strategies you can use to win your games on this new patch!

  • Early Game

With the introduction of the new Drakes, the focus of the map has been, now more so than ever, on the bot side of the map. Although Herald is still a valid option to consider, Drake is so much stronger with the buffs it gives, as well as its souls. While playing multiple games as a former top lane main, I’ve seen that the impact of each lane is so way less than it already was.

Bot lane is where the game can truly snowball out of control. Just to summarize this out for you, the prioritized lanes in the current meta should be as follows:

  1. Bot Lane

  2. Mid Lane

  3. Top Lane

Bot lane is essentially what controls who has Drake priority and who doesn’t. Your goal is to secure the first Drake as it can easily help to snowball your team. As a top laner, your early game should be spent focusing on farming, doing your best to not die and only pressuring your lead when you have to. Running TP is extremely useful for assisting in any bot lane skirmishes and fights. DO NOT be afraid to sacrifice your lane early to ensure that your bot lane snowballs. While it won’t always work, the success rate is pretty high from the multiple games I’ve played.

As a mid laner, your job is to:

1) pressure your lane,

2) roam bot as much as possible.

As jungler, you should be pathing towards the bot side of the map, snowballing your bot lane and establishing Drake control.

As bot lane, do not make any risky plays unless you know you will come out on top. Typically, I’d suggest playing it safe and waiting for ganks. Most of the time, the enemy jungler (if they’re smart) will also play on the bot side of the map. Thus, if you play under the turrets and freeze there, you not only avoid most potential ganks but also entice your jungler to gank towards the bot side as well.

  • Mid Game

Hopefully by this point, you and your team have managed to secure the first drake or even the first two. This is where the Herald comes into play. The reason Herald isn’t super important early is because of the plates from turrets got nerfed. You now only get 120 instead of 180 per plate which means 60 per person instead of 90.

Also, Herald is much weaker now and it really isn’t worth focusing your attention on until the turret platings have fallen. Once that happens, Herald is a monster when it comes to taking towers and can easily help your team deal with stubborn wave clear comps. Rift can also be used to secure drake as well, spawning Herald on the opposite side of the map will help you secure the third and fourth drake.

Ideally, in the mid-game, your team should be splitting (1-4) with 1 top side and 4 bot/mid-side to secure Drakes. Mid-game is also where you want to aim for the end. As it is unlikely that Elder Drake will be spawned in the first 25 minutes, now is the time to grab Baron.

Baron is the best way to close out games and push your lead. There’s no way to put an exact time stamp on it, but you should be trying to close games before 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, it’s likely that either your team or the enemy team will have forced the Elder Drake to spawn. Once the Drake spawns, the game can easily create a turnaround for either side. So if you’re ahead, aim to push and end early.

  • Late Game

If you’ve made it to the late game on the winning side, then this is where you want to sacrifice Baron for Elder Drake. The execute from Elder Drake is extremely broken and is 10 times better than Baron.

Focus all your attention on getting that drake. If Elder is spawning anytime within the next 1.5 minutes, your team should be only focusing on making a small pick or just playing safe. It is unnecessary to engage a reckless team fight that could swing in the enemy team’s favor of getting an Elder Drake.

While Baron is still an important objective, the impact of it is nowhere near as big as the elder dragon late game.

So the main lesson this patch is to focus on getting as many drakes as possible and everything else is just an accessory. We hope you liked this guide about the strategies you should use to guarantee your win. Don't worry because the analysis of this patch isn't over yet and so stay tuned for the next blog posts that will be coming out. If you're impatient and want to start practicing now, you should then buy a Duo Boosting service and you can guarantee your win along with one of our boosters! If you are very interested in getting more knowledge and learning everything about the new patch, you can always buy a Coaching Session and either this author of this blog post (dontknowme) or any other coach we have on our team, will be glad to help you out and make you improve as much as possible on your grinding journey! Feel free to get any help related to Boosting, Marketplace or Coaching on our live chat or on any social media displayed below! 

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