EB24 about League of Legends #51, Patch 11.12 Tier List - ADC - Prepared by EB24 smalltree

Patch 11.12 brought us to a new tier list full of surprises and a lot of new champions that you can play in your role! Each tier list will be broke down for each lane so you get the most for your lane! Check out the tier list below for AD Carry!

  • Explanation of each Tier
  • Tier List for AD Carry
  • Commentary on the new changes


League of Legends Tier List Patch 11.12

Every new patch some champions get weaker, some get stronger, and some get completely forgotten. To keep you up to date we ranked all the most popular champions by their strength in each role.

Tiers Explained

When ranking champions, we look at their skill threshold, and the reward they provide us with when played perfectly. Simpler champions will often outperform more complex ones. You will notice how as we go lower and lower there are more champions in each tier. This is because the majority of them can work just fine in different team compositions, or as counter picks. What makes them weak is the inability to stay relevant most of the time.

Our tier lists feature 5 levels, ranging from S, the best, to D, the worst. Here is what each of them means.

S – Champions in this group are most op. Try to pick them every game.

A – In case S champion is picked or banned, exhort to this level. They’re good blind picks and work in most team comps.

B – Now coming to lower levels, B-tier champions should be picked only as a counter pick, or if all stronger champions are taken off the board.

C – These champions perform alright only when put in the perfect position. Don’t pick them unless you believe they’re the best counter pick and they work with your team comp.

D – Generally bad. Try to avoid picking these champions.


ADC Tier List

Varus is gone leaving Jinx as a sole champion in our S tier. She’s by far the strongest champion in the bot lane and you should prioritize her every game. The difference between A and B tiers is much smaller though. If Jinx wasn’t this strong bot lane would be pretty balanced overall.

Here is our Tier list for AD Carry, stay tuned for the other roles and you may see more surprises coming on our tier lists! Hopefully next patch we may see new faces on our tier lists and new meta champions! Follow our social media below and don’t lose any event nor content from EB24:

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