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Patch Notes

EB24 about TFT – Patch 12.21 analysis by AceOfSpades

This patch will be the last ‘’serious’’ TFT patch. After this, it will be the notorious ‘’for fun’’ patch.

Not many changes were made other than the meta. It shows how flimsy this game can be!

Biggest changes:

  1. Say goodbye to Karma. She got nerfed. If you plan on playing dragonmancers, it’s better to focus on Kai’Sa.
  2. Guild Xaya buffs. This comp is finally S tier again. This is not a bad patch to one trick this comp by opening bow.
  3. Darkflight and Rengar are much stronger this patch but that’s because everything else is getting nerfed.
  4. Soy’Fen comp is still strong but not as OP as the previous patch.
  5. Watergun Graves has been solidified as the best comp.

Next is the list of the top 3 comps to force this patch:

Guild Flex

Starting item: Bow, build Rage Blade AS.

Early game: Playing Ezreal plus some Guild and a Lee Sin is usually your best chance.

This comp can be played mostly in 2 different ways. There is either Deja+Nunu or Shyvana+Hecarim.

Watergun Graves

Starting item: Belt or Chain Vest. I prefer to build defensive items first for this comp and focus on damage items after.

Early game: Play Lagoon opener.

Best comp of the patch. You can roll at 7 until you hit all your 3 cost 1 star and your 4 cost at least 1 star.

Age of Dragons

Best comp to play if you can get to 9 with good hp and gold. It’s simply the highest scaling comp. The problem is obviously to make it to that point.  You need to have a strong early game as this is the most important thing. Be sure to slam your items early and increase your chance of being in a good position at level 9.

Early game: WIN WIN WIN 
Having a healthy early game is very important. You want to play this composition from a win-streak since it requires you to reach lvl 9 with a good amount of gold.

Starting Item: I think opening belt and building a sunfire is the best for win streak.

This is the end of our blog post related to Patch 12.21 for TFT. What do you think of the new changes? Please share with us your experiences so far. We’re always super excited to hear from our community! Stay tuned for more content and events from us!