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EB24 about Teamfight Tactics #3 - The Meta and balance of the game - Patch 9.21 Retrospective - Statistics and Analysis

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After the last patch for this season, we surveyed our community once again to determine what comps they thought were strong, what the metagame was, and what they enjoyed about the patch. In this blog post, we will compare these statistics with high elo picks and comps that dominated the patch. So let's begin:

Question One:

"Which champion do you think is the strongest?"

Based on discussions between challenger players, the most contested unit of the patch was Kai'Sa. Getting a 2-stars Kai'Sa with the right items was a guaranteed ticket to 1st place. On all TFT unit tier lists we consulted, Kai'Sa was listed as an S tier unit - she was by far, the most powerful single unit in the game. 
Our statistics match with these observations, and it’s no surprise that the Kai'Sa received a whopping 39.4% of the votes.
Closely tied for second are Draven and Aurelion Sol, centerpieces for the two other S-tier comps this patch - Imperial Knights and Dragon Guardians.  
A surprising result of our survey was Pantheon only receiving 9.1% of the votes since he left a strong mark on the patch. 

Question Two:

"Do you think patch 9.21 was balanced in terms of comps and champions?"

Based on our survey, most people believed the patch was relatively balanced. We believe that the patch was versatile in terms of comps that could be played and carry options, but was inflexible in terms of viable items. Compared to the previous patch, the meta was more diverse and allowed more team comps to be viable. 

Question Three:

"What do you think was the most dominant comp for patch 9.21?"

As we’ve stated before, the three top comps in patch 9.21 were Dragon Guardians, Imperial Knights, and Void Brawlers. Every tier list included these three comps as S tier, and our survey results validate this. A few notes:  
- Jinx-Brawler transitions into Void-Brawlers. 

-Shapeshifter-Sorcerers and Dragon-Knight-Sorcerers collectively make up Dragon Guardians.
Imperial Knights, having been nerfed from the previous patch, was only regarded as the strongest comp by 12.5% of those surveyed. Jinx/Kai'Sa-Brawlers sits at another 40.6% of the votes, and Dragon Guardians occupied the remaining 43.8%. Based on the results and on general consensus, we come to the conclusion that: 
1. Dragon Guardians and Void Brawlers are similar in strength as top comps 

2. Imperial Knights, while still strong, is somewhat weaker than the other two meta comps. 
And the black sheep of patch 9.21 was 6 Sorcerers, receiving only 3.1% of the votes - reasonable, considering it only saw minor play and success. 

Question Four:

"Did you enjoy playing patch 9.21?"

Responses to this question were mostly neutral - it seems that most players did not feel strongly either way about 9.21. It had some memorable moments, but was still plagued with issues such as item diversity and overpowered single units like Kai'Sa. Players’ opinions were also divided on the aggressive early games of 9.21, compared to the heavy economy strategies of 9.20.

So let's set a conclusion:
1. Dragon Guardians, Void Brawlers, and Imperial Knights were the three strongest comps, with Imperial Knights lagging slightly behind. 

2. Kai'Sa was the strongest champion of 9.21. 

3. Most players felt neutral on both the perceived balance and their enjoyment of the patch.
We would like to thank our community for being so helpful and provides us such information! Also, we would like to add that this is mere statistics and analysis of surveys + analysis from the high elo picks and that if you ever need help on getting better on TFT, you can always grab a coaching session and activate the TFT option near the price! If coaching isn't for you, we also have TFT boosting which is way funnier since you can actually play with a booster or simply be able to spectate while one of our boosters will climb the ladder for you! Either way, you can always have a chat with us at any time, not only on our Live chat but also on all our social media displayed below. Stay tuned and we see you on the Rift!

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