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Patch Notes

League of Legends Patch 14.2

Riot Games recently made significant changes to League of Legends with the release of Patch 14.2 These changes include adjustments to champion abilities, item reworks, and gameplay balance. As a booster for Eloboost24 and a player with extensive experience in the game, I'm excited to share my thoughts on these changes and how they impact the gameplay experience.



It may seem like a small buff, but it's an effective late-stage buff. Maybe it will allow you to use E 2 or 3 times in a long fight.


I think the buff coming to Ezreal is good, because Ezreal was not playable in the early phase after the item changes, so considering that we received the items later, we can say that this buff is appropriate.


Yes, hullbreaker is not as strong as it used to be, but Garen was already in a strong position with the combinations of new items. It is very strong now and I recommend you to try it if you are playing top lane.


They decided to buff some AP champions because a lot of AP items got nerfed, so it's understandable. Buffing Gragas here is nice, but since Gragas is a difficult character to play in general, it may take some time to master.


Buffing karma is very nice. It is a buff for both support, top lane, and mid lane. In general, the AP rate is a feature that you can use in every lane, but I think we will see it more in mid or bot.

Twisted Fate

I have no idea why they are trying to bring AD twisted fate into the meta. As a result, it is a mage champion and a strong champion in zoning the opposing team. So I don't understand the ad buff that comes to the skills in general. I think it will still be played in mid. And we can see a twisted fate played with new item combinations.



He was in a very strong state due to the new items. He was a champion with a 55%-56% win rate in solo q. So it is normal for him to be nerfed, but I think that both the items and the champion getting nerfed at the same time will make him unplayable. I do not recommend playing her.


Teemo is one of the champions who has become very strong due to item changes in the same way. This is the 3rd Nerf he received in a row. But since they finally nerfed his ultimate, I can say that he is now balanced, maybe even a little weak. Teemo is a good champion in terms of having fun and I only recommend it if you want to play this game for fun. Improving wise I do not recommend.



The item had become such that even ADCs were buying it, so this Nerf was necessary.

Frozen Heart

I think the price is still too low. If you have a full ad composition in the enemy team, you can still go for this item. The price should at least be nerfed around 200 or 300 gold.100 gold is not enough in my opinion.

Storm Surge

Yes, it's a nice nerf to the most broken item of the game. I expect it to get nerfed more. I still think it's strong, but it won't be preferred as much as before. It was the item that almost every AP champion took as the 1st or 2nd item.

Upcoming Skins and Chromas

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