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Patch Notes

League of Legends Patch 14.4

Riot Games recently made significant changes to League of Legends with the release of Patch 14.4 These changes include adjustments to champion abilities, item reworks, and gameplay balance. As a booster for Eloboost24 and a player with extensive experience in the game, I'm excited to share my thoughts on these changes and how they impact the gameplay experience.



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I don't think this buff will change much, but something can change with the buff for the Terminus item. We still need to remember the fact that he is only strong with engaged support, so I don't recommend taking it as a blind choice.


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I think it can be effective for the support and mid role because it’s a very good buff not only in terms of support but also in terms of damage. Champions with low range are generally not preferred in mid, but when they get a very powerful buff, the situation can change.


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Renekten had become very weak after the item changes, so this buff makes sense, but I think it has become too strong to be able to get blind pick again because almost every ability has been buffed and these buffs are not small.


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We can say that AP Volibear is back. I don't understand why they are trying to do this. In the same way, in Twisted Fate, they are choosing to move away from being AP towards AD. But the designs of the champions are not that way. I don't see any other reason other than that, I guess because people have more fun. I can say that Volibear is too strong now, if you are going to play, I recommend you to play with AP/off-tank form.



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Bard has been in a very strong position since the item changes and I can say that the Nerf was even late. I think it needed to be nerfed even more. Because a support champion cannot take tank items and deal too much damage. It was against the rules of the game. Still strong and playable.


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This nerf is directly for 1vs1, because it was not possible to lose trades when you hit your W on the champion, but now it is possible. I think it is a necessary nerf. I can say that Fiora went from very strong to just strong.


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Maokai has never been a champion who is strong early on, so don't think these nerfs will help much. Maokai is strong because his abilities have low cooldowns and his ability kit contains a lot of slow/root. So I can only say that the Nerf for root will help a bit. He is still very strong and playable, especially for a support role.



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It's the best adjustment I've seen in a long time. The champion's damage has been reduced and tankiness has been increased, which is exactly what is expected from a tank champion. We'll see it weakened and less preferred in Solo Q, but I can say that it will be chosen more in the professional arena.


Black Cleaver

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It's a small buff, but for some champions, it might be preferable, but only as a first item against tanks. (Darius/Urgot…)


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The problem is that you can only get this item as the 3rd, 4th, or 5th item, so usually when a champion enters the meta, the first item he gets needs to be strengthened. So I can only say that the champions who already bought this item will be in the meta more.

Mage items

Riot Games already said that they would bring a buff to mages in the previous patch, but I didn't expect the buff to be so small. Don't think anything will change, it's a very insufficient buff.

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