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Patch Notes

Map Metamorphosis: League of Legends Preseason Unveiled

Hello, today I will give you information about the upcoming season changes. These changes are what we know now and I am sure more will be announced in the future.

Map adjustments

Bot lane

The change you see here will change the entire gameplay of the game. Now, ganking can be done in a much simpler way. And while ganking, it can be done in many different variations. Do not be confused by this. Since the map is more open, it is easier for those who play in the jungle role. That is why I said that they will be able to gank in a much simpler way. But the game will get harder overall.

Bot river

The first thing that caught my eye in this change is that champions with AOE ultimates will now be more effective in such places(such as Kennen/Seraphine/Ornn and more)... Because there are fewer and limited places to walk compared to before. I would also like to remind you that there are 2 bushes added. This will make it harder to get vision.

Mid lane

The mid lane, unlike the bot lane, will now be more difficult to gank. As we see in the photo, the right and left bushes are now further away. This has the advantage that many champions will not be able to gank from the right and left bushes. We will all see how this affects the meta. In my opinion, playing mid-lane will be a simpler role because your responsibility is somewhat reduced. I would also like to add that it will now be easier for the midlane to roam the top and the bot lane.

Top river

The phenomenon we see in Bot River actually exists here. But it is less congested and less bushy. In general, I cannot say that Baron Pit has changed much. (Baron has changed and down below I am going to mention this)

Top lane

I think the biggest changes have been made by the bot and top lanes. Because now you have to make very different creative ganks, which changes the structure of the whole game. But there is an interesting thing about the top lane. The top lane of the blue and red sides are not the same and this will change the choices a lot in the professional arena. It is difficult to say which one is more advantageous right now, so we will see over time.

Void Grubs

These little friends appear at minute 5 and are replaced by Rift Herald at minute 14. I think it is a very sweet change. This is an innovation that will change the gameplay of the whole game because we were generally seeing battles around dragons in the early stages, now we can see them in both the lower and upper rivers.

Rift Herald

There are changes in Rift Herald. Now you will be able to ride and control this friend of ours. I think this will be a very enjoyable feature because such a thing has never happened in the history of League of Legends. Therefore, such innovations will have a positive impact on the game. Also, will it be a ride that requires mechanics, such as the Sion Ultimate? We'll see if it's like this or simpler.


There are big changes in the baron. For example, the baron will now have 3 forms and each form will have its characteristics. Not many details have been shared, but in general, the map and the baron's skills will change. I would like to add that it will not be clear which baron form will appear before minute 20.

Mythic Items are removed in S14

The reason for this is briefly as follows: Placing many different items builds on a champion. In general, the most optimal build is preferred and maintains its continuity. But let's see what change will happen.


What is said is that you will now start with a single support item. And in the later stages of the game, you will be able to change this item in 5 different ways.

There are new items mostly for mages but Riot hasn't shared it yet.

Ability Haste

There will now be less ability haste in the game and this will mean that the skills in the game will be used more properly. If you do not use them, you will be punished more.

Amplifying tone

At the same time, Amplifying tone drops from 435 gold to 400 gold. I wanted to add this because now you will be able to buy this item at first and get 2 pots. And this will be a change for mage champions who want to play aggressively.

Finally, these are our current changes. I will prepare a blog again when Riot gives us more information.

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