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Remnant 2: A Fusion of Challenge and Strategy in Third-Person Shooting

The July 2023 release of Remnant 2 by Gunfire Games and Gearbox Publishing is a third-person shooter action role-player game.  It is the sequel to Remnant: From the Ashes.  The geared-up design of Remnant 2 looks like the spawn of what would happen if Diablo and Gears of War had offspring. 

Worth the Wait
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With approximately a four-year gap between its predecessor, Remnant 2 promised gamers it would be worth the wait upon its release.  According to the mostly positive reviews shared by critics and gamers, it was a promise that had become fulfilled.

Remnant and Remnant 2 are video games belonging to the Soulslike subgenre.  Their source of inspiration came from games such as Demon’s Souls and the Dark Souls series.  Remnant 2 still offers the same layout as Remnant.  However, there have been a few notable changes, such as the Gunslinger replacing the Ex-cultist as a character class to choose from.

There is also a Challenger class that uses shockwaves to disintegrate enemies.  The Handler has a dog that will serve as an ally and companion.  As the game progresses, players may combine two classes as they advance their character to become a dual class.

Remnant 2 is a game that can either be played solo or as a cooperative which permits up to three players to work together as a team while in multiplayer mode.  The choice is up to the gamer to decide which they prefer most.  In true Remnant fashion, it is a video game designed to be challenging to play.

Patience and Strategy
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Unlike most shooter-style games, Remnant 2 continues the tradition of its predecessor as a real challenge for players.  Unless you’re patient enough to exercise the combination of patience and strategy, Remnant 2 may not be for you.  Many gamers had quit Remnant: From the Ashes after feeling it was too difficult to finish.

However, among the fans who enjoyed the challenge and rose to beat the game, Remnant 2 was welcomed with open arms.  The difficulty to proceed as the game progresses is still as tough as ever.  For gamers who love the multiple-try-again approach, Remnant 2 doesn’t disappoint.

Remnant’s Pros and Cons

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Already explained by the Gunfire Games development team, Remnant 2 isn’t for everyone.  Everybody has their idea of what makes a video game great.  Among gamers who have the patience, Remnant 2 is already a fantastic successor to Remnant: From the Ashes.  They also love strategizing their moves instead of just going with the run-and-gun approach.

For run-and-gunners, Remnant 2 tests their patience level to the point where many won’t likely finish the game.  They didn’t finish its predecessor as they found it was too difficult for their liking.  There was hope Remnant 2 would engineer mechanics to allow an easier mode to be played but that never happened.  At least not yet.

The pros of Remnant 2 include the Unreal 5 graphics, as well as the overall gameplay.  This is a very challenging third-person shooter game, which is part of the appeal for players up for the challenge.  Unlike the majority of video games that have been released in the past few years by Triple-A publishers, Remnant 2 did not come out feeling broken or incomplete.

Remnant 2’s cons do include a few bugs in the game.  However, when comparing it to the unimpressive track record laid out by most big-name developers and publishers, this is nothing to be concerned about.  However, many gamers do hope Gunfire Games and Gearbox Publishing consider a few tweaks to Remnant 2 that include a slightly more accessible campaign mode to play.  One suggestion is to have a few more checkpoints installed so there isn’t such a long stretch for players to reach specific goals laid out in the game.

Remnant 2 in Review
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For the most part, the reviews Remnant 2 has received from unbiased members of the gaming community have been mostly positive.  People will always have a preference for what works for them and what doesn’t.  Remnant 2 is no exception.

When taking into consideration how well the game’s mechanics work, even as one designed to be as difficult as it is, this formula works.  It was not prematurely released broken or incomplete.  Gunfire Games and Gearbox Publishing have done as a team what the majority of major video game designs seemed to have forgotten what to do.  Instead of focusing strictly on making a profit, they focused on what gaming fans wanted.

They made a point to release a good game that was as close to perfect as it gets, given the complexities of what makes Remnant 2 work.  Speaking from personal experience, playing Remnant 2 felt like a breath of fresh air.  Granted, it’s ultra-challenging compared to most games of its kind but that’s also part of the fun as well.