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New Placement Matches Policy for LOL, TFT, Valorant

The gaming world is always evolving, and with it, the policies that shape our play. Recently, significant updates have been made to the placement match policies for popular games like League of Legends (LoL), Teamfight Tactics (TFT), and Valorant. Understanding these changes, particularly regarding Matchmaking Rating (MMR) and rank alignment, is crucial for players aiming to maximize their gaming experience.

Last Known Rank Clarification

A key aspect of these updates is the alignment of the account's MMR with the order requirements. For instance, if you're playing on a Diamond account with Master MMR in LoL, you should select Master as your last known rank. This clarification ensures fair and balanced matchmaking in placement matches.

Guaranteed Wins Policy in League of Legends

In LoL, the new policy introduces a system of guaranteed wins for placement matches. The policy stipulates that:

  • For 5 placement matches, players are guaranteed 4 wins (Unranked to Master) and 3 wins (Grandmaster and Challenger).
  • This guarantee scales down with the number of placement matches played, ensuring players have a clear expectation of their potential ranking outcome.

lolfinal.jpg 280.87 KB

Guaranteed Wins Policy in Teamfight Tactics

In TFT, the new policy introduces a system of guaranteed wins for placement matches. The policy stipulates that:

  • For 5 placement matches, players are guaranteed 4 wins (Unranked to Master) and 3 wins (Grandmaster and Challenger).
  • This guarantee scales down with the number of placement matches played, ensuring players have a clear expectation of their potential ranking outcome.

tftfinal.jpg 279.33 KB

Guaranteed Wins Policy in Valorant

Valorant, too, has adopted a similar policy

  • Players can expect 4 guaranteed wins for 5 placement matches in ranks up to Immortal and 3 wins at Radiant.
  • As with LoL and TFT, the number of guaranteed wins adjusts according to the number of placement matches.

valorantfinal.jpg 241.26 KB

Should the guaranteed win count not be met, players will receive wins equal to their losses. However, it's important to note that compensation will not exceed a full division if the total win rate is 50% or above. This safeguard ensures that players are fairly compensated while maintaining the integrity of the ranking system. This guarantee scales down with the number of placement matches played, ensuring players have a clear expectation of their potential ranking outcome.

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As we embrace these new placement match policies across LoL, TFT, and Valorant, players need to stay informed and adapt their strategies accordingly. These changes not only bring a new level of excitement and challenge to the games but also ensure fairness and competitiveness in the ranking system. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting, these policies are set to impact your gaming journey significantly. Remember, these updates are designed with your gaming success in mind. By understanding and leveraging them, you can optimize your gameplay and enjoy a more satisfying competitive experience. So, gear up for the new season, keep these changes in mind, and get ready to climb the ranks with confidence and strategy! 🚀🎮🏆


New Placement Matches Policy for LOL, TFT, Valorant
EB24 about Valorant #2 - Introducing Valorant Boosting
General Valorant

EB24 about Valorant #2 - Introducing Valorant Boosting

VALORANT has already launched this month and we are already working on getting all the new sections ready for you! EB24 is working hard on this new project and we would like to announce to you that VALORANT Boosting is coming soon! Don’t worry, we will give you all the details below.


  • ·        What will EB24 provide about VALORANT Boosting?

EB24 will have multiple VALORANT Boosting services! The services are:


1. Rank Boosting:

VALORANT Ranked Boosting is very simple to understand. You pay to get your account from a specific tier to another one and we will do it!

There are 2 types of services for this VALORANT Boosting option: Solo Boosting and Duo Boosting.

If you select for a Solo Boosting, you’ll have to give your account info and a booster will log in on your account and get to the tier you paid for. In case you selected Duo Boosting, aside from the Coaching element that Duo Boosting includes, you will be able to schedule and play with the booster to get to your desired tier!


2. Placements Matches:

Placement Matches are the first 5 ranked games you do on your account. As Ranked VALORANT Boosting, you will be able to select for Solo Boosting or Duo Boosting.

On the VALORANT Placement Boosting, we guarantee 4 wins out of 5 games or 70%-win rate if you purchase less than 4 games! In case we provide a lower win rate, we will compensate you. The compensations will vary on the case:

- If you purchase 5 games and we perform lower than 4 wins out of it, we will give you one free division,

- If you purchased 4 or fewer matches, we will compensate you with the same amount of losses that the booster did as win boosting games. For example, if he lost 2 out of 4 games, he will give you 2 wins as compensation.


3. Win Boosting:

When you buy a Win Boosting service, you pay for a certain number of wins and we will provide those.

This VALORANT Boosting option is very straightforward: If the booster loses any game, he has to provide you an extra win.


4. Unrated Matches:

Unrated Matches can be used also for Spike Rush, the new game mode, and you pay for a number of games. Pay attention that, the number of games doesn’t mean that all the games you pay for will be wins. If you pay for 5 games, the booster will play 5 games, not looking at the win rate even though he will play to win all the 5 games you paid for. You can use this service to boost your VALORANT Battle Pass or simply to have some fun with a booster, in case you purchase for the Duo Boosting type of service.


  • ·         “Can I test it before buying?”

Yes! You’ll be able to claim a FREE match of VALORANT Boosting to test our services and see for yourself that you can be part of our community and get the best of both worlds, a great community, and professional service! Don’t waste more time and claim your FREE Match of VALORANT Boosting!


  • ·         How to apply to be VALORANT Booster?

For those who want a job as VALORANT Booster, we’re recruiting! You can apply on our website (CLICK HERE!). Be ready to be evaluated and tested at all levels of professionalism and gameplay! We will only accept those who prove to be worth working on our Boosting team. Apply now and prove yourself!


  • ·         Why should you buy VALORANT Boosting from EB24?

As you saw above and already all over our website, we work with professionals and we are very strict with our rules and services. We want to always provide the best service and let you know that you are part of our Family, the EB24 Family! We are a community that helps each other and wants to create a greater good for the Gaming community. We are very friendly and all our regular customers and new-comers also appreciate the sympathy and the caring that we provide, aside from the skill and the time we take to get our services done. We want to create a community and service that is recognized for its skill, loving, caring, and speed.

As a caring community, we have a Discord Server! You can join (CLICK HERE TO JOIN!) and share what you love and your opinion on VALORANT or even League of Legends and TFT if you’re also a fan of it! We’re always opened to new ideas and suggestions, wanting to have good conversations, and having a good time!


  • ·         Learn more about the game!

We know VALORANT is still new and many of you don’t know exactly everything about the game and that is why we’ve created a blog post introducing VALORANT! You have everything about the game, its agents, and their abilities! Make sure you check it out first so you learn more about the game! GO HERE to find the blog post!


EB24 about Valorant #1 - Introduction of the game
General Valorant

EB24 about Valorant #1 - Introduction of the game

Riot’s most recent game is almost out: VALORANT! We know that people are loving it while on the Closed Beta and we would like to introduce it to everyone who didn’t have the opportunity to play it yet! For those who have questions about the game, we’re here to help you!


  • Is VALORANT free to play?

Yes, VALORANT will be free to play, the only thing that will be required to pay is the cosmetics in the game, just like on League of Legends!


  • What type of game is VALORANT?

VALORANT is a competitive shooter game, similar to Counter-Strike but with some abilities! A fancier version of C.S if you think about it!


  • Does VALORANT have a ranking system?

Yes, VALORANT will have a ranking system just like League of Legends. The ranks (at least updated for now) are the following ones. With the exception of VALORANT, each rank has three tiers. You need to play 5 Competitive Placement Matches to determine your rank.


Now let’s talk about the game itself and its Agents and weapons! 


  • How many Agents does VALORANT have?

VALORANT has, at the moment, 10 Agents. Let’s look at each one and their abilities:





C: Blaze: Summon a wall of fire that blocks vision and hurts anyone passing through it. The wall can also be bent when casting.

Q: Curveball: Throw a flashbang that curves around corners.



E: Hot Hands: Throws a fireball that covers a small area in flames after a short wait or when it hits the ground. These flames damage your enemies but heal you.



X: Run it back: Marks your current location and starts a short timer. When the timer expires, or if you die, you respawn at the marked location with full health.




C: Aftershock - Fire an explosive charge that breaches through walls and damages enemies standing near it.

Q: Flashpoint - Fire a flash charge into a wall that flashes enemies on the opposite side.



E: Fault Line: Create a concussive quake in a straight line in front of Breach that disorients enemy aim and travels through walls.



X: Rolling Thunder: Fire a powerful seismic charge that travels through walls, dazes opponents, and knocks enemies upward.





C: Incendiary: Throw an incendiary grenade that coats an area in flames.

Q: Stim Beacon: Select an area to call in this beacon that gives any player nearby a boost to fire speed.


E: Sky Smoke: Use your map to call in multiple smokescreens that block vision.



X: Orbital Strike: Call in a deadly orbital strike that strikes a targeted area repeatedly over several seconds.





C: Trapwire: Place a tripwire between two walls that restrains and reveals enemies who cross it for a short time. Can be retrieved and reused.

Q: Cyber Cage: Places a trap that, when activated, slows enemies who pass through it. Cypher can also detonate the traps, either one at a time or all at once.



E: Spycam: Place a remote camera that can be manually operated to fire tracking darts at enemies.



X: Neural Theft: Steal intel from a dead enemy, revealing the location of their allies.





C: Cloudburst: Throw a smoke grenade that obscures vision wherever it lands.

Q: Updraft: Launch yourself upwards after a brief pause.



E: Tailwind: Dash a short distance in whatever direction you're moving.



X: Blade Storm: Wield several throwing knives that deal moderate damage and kill on headshots. Getting a kill replenishes your daggers and you can choose to throw them one at a time or throw all remaining daggers in a short-ranged burst.





C: Paranoia - Launch a shadow clone in a straight line that inflicts anyone it touches with blindness.

Q: Shadow Walk - After a delay, teleport a short distance.



E: Dark Cover: Throw a stealthed orb that explodes into an obscuring sphere of shadow once it reaches its destination. Can be charged to increase its maximum distance.



X: From The Shadows: You can teleport to anywhere on the map, but it takes a few seconds to complete. Enemies can see a "shade" at your destination and cancel your teleport by killing it. After teleporting, you become invincible for a short time.





C: Blast Pack: Instantly throw a Blast Pack that will stick to the surfaces. Re-Use the ability after deployment to detonate, damaging and moving anything hit.

Q: Boom Bot: Equip a Boom Bot. Fire will deploy the bot, causing it to travel in a straight line on the ground, bouncing off walls. The Boom Bot will lock on to any enemies in its frontal cone and chase them, exploding for heavy damage if it reaches them.



E: Paint Shells: Equip a cluster grenade. Fire to throw the grenade, which does damage and creates sub-munitions, each doing damage to anyone in their range.



X: Showstopper: Equip a rocket launcher. Fire shoots a rocket that does massive area damage on contact with anything.





C: Slow Orb: Throws an orb that creates a zone that slows any who pass through it, preventing them from jumping and emitting a distinct noise when they move through it.

Q: Barrier Orb: Creates a large, impassable wall.



E: Healing Orb: Heals you or an ally over several seconds.



X: Resurrection: Revive an ally to full health after a quick delay.




C: Shock Bolt: Fires a bolt that radiates damaging bursts of static energy on impact.

Q: Owl Drone: Use a pilotable, flying drone to scout the map and fire darts that reveal enemies.



E: Recon Bolt: Fires an arrow that emits sonar waves that marks and reveals nearby enemies for as long as it remains in place (can be destroyed).



X: Hunter's Fury: Fires up to three energy blasts that pierce walls and travel the length of the map. Any enemies that are hit take near-fatal damage and are revealed to your team.





C: Snakebite: Fire a projectile that creates a pool of acid.

Q: Poison Cloud: Throw a gas bomb that emits a cloud of poisonous smoke at the cost of fuel. You can retrieve the gas bomb and throw it again after a short cooldown.



E: Toxic Screen: Creates a line of gas emitters that can be activated to create a wall of toxic gas at the cost of fuel.



X: Viper's Pit: Creates a poison cloud that blankets a large area, letting Viper easily pick off enemies trapped within it.


And this is our introduction to VALORANT! Let us know if you enjoyed it and if you would like to see more content about VALORANT. You can always reach us on our social media to give us feedback!

About Boosting on VALORANT? Will it happen? You can count on us to provide you the best VALORANT Boosting, of course! Eloboost24 is already working on it and we want you to stay tuned since more content and more services will be coming soon! 

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EB24 about League of Legends #34 Itemization, Patch 10.9 - from the Booster perspective
League of Legends

EB24 about League of Legends #34 Itemization, Patch 10.9 - from the Booster perspective

Last but not least, the great item guide for all the S and A-tier champions for each role! Remember, EB24 is always here to help you so make sure you check all our guides and have fun playing them on SoloQ!



The itemization for the top lane stays the same as presented below. As a recommendation for any bruiser fighting against a 3-man ap team comp, I suggest going Cutlass into Wit’s End and then finish Botrk. It works on any bruiser that uses auto attacks only as well as on champions like Renekton, and Gnar, but it’s not recommended to build it on Darius or Garen as they’re mostly focused on utility+tankiness rather than on auto attacks.






The items are the same because there were no changes at all. There are 2 replacements you can do: 

-          One of them is building Black Cleaver than Death’s Dance and not building  Bloodthirster on Graves.

-          The second one is building Edge of the Night on Rek’Sai after Black Cleaver and no streaks.


Rek'Sai: Warrior > Black Cleaver > Guardian Angel > Streaks > Adaptive tank item


1st build: Warrior > Deaths Dancer > Phantom Dancer > Infinity Edge > Bloodthirster > Boots depends

2nd build: Warrior > Drakthar > Youmuu’s > Edge of Night > Mortal reminder > Boots depends

Nidalee: Runic Echo > Sorc boots or Oblivion Orb* > Lich bane > Rabadon or Zhonya* > Rabadon or Void staff

* If they have +2 assassins (like Zed or Kha’Zix) you can go Oblivion Orb and Zhonyas. If they have +3 enemy with +120 MR go for Void staff instead of Rabadon.

Lee Sin: Warrior > Black Cleaver > Sterak's Gage > Guardian Angel > A tank item depends on enemy > Boots depends too



There were no changes on the itemization for the mid lane so you can still use the regular builds for all champions below. 

It’s more often to use Liandry's Torment instead of Morello due to its ability to increase your damage in long trades when playing Ryze, Cassiopeia, Malzahar, Aurelion.

Talon, Zed, Qiyana:




Kassadin (boots are situational):



Items for S tier Champions:
Miss Fortune: go Doran’s Blade if you don’t have enough for BF on your first back, Infinity, Essence, Rapid Fire/BT, last two items are situational (QSS, GA, More crit)

Caitlyn: Stormrazor, Infinity, Rapid, BT/QSS, the last item is situational

Ezreal: Manamune, Trinity (Iceborn vs heavy ad team), Botrk, Lord Dominik’s/Mortal Reminder (if they have healing), the last item is situational

Items for A tier champions:
Lucian: Essence Reaver, Infinity Edge/Phantom Dancer/Rapid Fire Cannon, GA/MAW/BT

Jhin: Stormrazor, Rapid Fire Cannon, Infinity Edge, PH/MAW/GA


The support tank items remain unchanged, you still need the armor, magic resistances, hp mana, and cdr so these items are still the same to all our S-tier champions. Some of the A-tier tank supports, while ranged supports keep building the same AP support items.

Leona, Nautilus, Thresh, and Alistar: Zekes Converge > Knights Vow > Stone Plate > Solari

Taric: Shurelyas Reverie > Zekes Converge > Knights Vow > Solari

Braum, Rakan, Tahm: Zekes Converge > Stone Plate > Solari

Nami, Yuumi, Soraka: Athenes Unholy Grial > Redemption > Ardent Censer.

Sadly the guide has ended but you shall not worry, EB24 will bring more content next week for the upcoming patches and more! Stay tuned to all our events and posts since you will learn along with our tips and tricks! 

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EB24 about League of Legends #33 Current meta, Patch 10.9 - from the Booster perspective
League of Legends

EB24 about League of Legends #33 Current meta, Patch 10.9 - from the Booster perspective

Patch Rundown is live and we, Eloboost24, had to also publish the best guides you can find for the current meta and items! Don’t miss any great pick and check our the best meta for patch 10.9 down below!



As for Patch 10.9, there are a few shifts here and there. In general, the double S meta doesn’t change at all. I shift Gnar and Renekton up by one league, Renekton is free LP right now, his Botrk into Black Cleaver build is popping off hard right now. I also swept Malphite with Ornn in the S-tier since I’ve noticed that Malphite is generally more consistent and can easily carry the games with his tankiness frontline and hard CC from R. He is also very vertical when it comes to itemization and runes since he can go pretty much any rune depending on the matchup and build any tank/bruiser/ap item. Also, since a lot of people asked me personally why I keep champions like Fiora or Jax so low in the table. The representation of the the tier list is a showcase of best champions with low skill level compared to highest possible outcome and what I mean by that is that the double S champions are really easy to play and have no hard matchups and can carry the games more easily.

Top Tier List


10.9 has no changes for the S-tier champions. This patch focuses more on the top lane so jungle remains the same. But if Kayn gets a buff on his pre-form on the next patch, he will be on the S-tier for sure.


Jungle Tier List

S tier: Graves, Nidalee, Lee Sin, Rek’Sai

A tier: Ornn, Vi, Nocturne, Sylas, Ekko, Sejuani



There was only one change in the mid lane in patch 10.9 which means that the meta on it is still all about assassins and roams. Lissandra’s Q got buffed at early levels which makes her come back to the A-tier. Now she has the ability to poke at the early stages of the game. It is a big deal especially against melee champions which are currently dominating mid. She is a champion with a good dive potential and cc lock so it’s more like a supportive mid lane, that’s why she can’t be higher in our Tier List.


Mid Tier List



Since the last patch nothing changed for ADC, so everything that was strong on 10.8 is still strong on 10.9.

ADC Tier List

S-Tier: Miss Fortune, Caitlyn, Ezreal

A+ Tier: Lucian, Jhin

A-tier: Kai'Sa, Aphelios, Varus, Vayne, Tristana


Why is Lucian and Jhin on the A+ tier? 

They are strong early ADC’s that can dominate the lane with aggressive supports like Leona, Nautilus, or Thresh.

The A-tier ADC’s are strong, but it’s harder to dominate the lane and sometimes they need to scale. Also, Aphelios got nerfed 2 patches ago, in the same patch where Ashe and Tristana got buffed.



Hard engage supports are still the most dominant in the lane, followed by defensive supports and lastly poke supports. This happens since jungle and solo lanes are playing carry champions or bruisers. This creates the need for the support to fill the spot to play as a tank champion. 

Some ranged supports like Nami, Soraka, Senna, and Yuumi can be played as specific counter supports but they need specific team comps to function properly, while the S-tier supports can be picked on almost every situation. Some nerfs to Nami and Bard will push them a bit back but they are still useful counter picks against some of the A-tier supports.


Support Tier List

S -Tier: Leona Nautilus Thresh

A-tier: Nami, Taric, Alistar, Rakan, Braum, Tahm Kench, Yuumi, Senna, Soraka


The full guide is out! Now read it carefully and EB24 wishes you the best of lucks in the Summoner's Rift! Remember that, if you want our EB24 boosting team to help you climb, you have Solo Boosting and Duo Boosting, both services are great and we can guarantee that you'll be placed on the rank you desire to be! You can use hire an EB24 Coach and he'll teach you everything you need to know to climb up the League Ladder!

Stay tuned for more information on our social media and seek for our most recent events!

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